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Navigating Rough Waters

by Joe Bowen / Toronto Maple Leafs
So far Bryan McCabe is saying all of the right things. 

He has been placed under the microscope by the media and Leafs fans and, more than anyone, has taken the heat for the Leafs sluggish start to this season. 

I’ve often wondered if the NHLPA did their players more of a disservice by having their salaries made public a number of years ago.

Prior to that it was up to the individual clubs whether they wanted to divulge the amount.  The players of course wanted to know what someone on another team with equal stats was making.  Now it has become a lightning rod for fans and media to ask if a player is worth the amount the team is paying him. 

McCabe has been compared to Larry Murphy, who was booed unmercifully by the Gardens faithful as the Toronto native tried to help a floundering squad by doing too much. 

Cliff Fletcher finally dealt him to Detroit where he promptly helped the Wings win a Stanley Cup en route to the Hockey Hall of Fame. I do know one thing for sure.  Every player wants to be a fan favourite, they respond to positive reinforcement, they most certainly do hear the booing.  And not one player has gotten better by hearing the derision from the stands.

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