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Monster Mortal After All

by Adnan Virk / Toronto Maple Leafs
It’s tough to spin the positives out of a club that has just 3 wins this season. But clearly Jonas Gustavsson is mortal and as a rookie, will have to endure some growing pains. Phil Kessel continues to shine with two more goals on Friday night versus the Hawks and now it’s up to the rest of the snipers (Jason Blake anyone?) to step up and start offering some complementary support.

Also on Sunday, I had the pleasure of emceeing an event put on by the Canadian Cancer Society with former Maple Leafs participating with top fundraisers in a hockey game at Caplan Arena.

Obviously a worthy cause and fantastic to see my colleagues and friends Mark Osborne score a pair and Bob McGill also tickle the twine with a fine blast from the point. Other Leafs who took part included Rob Pearson who scored a couple and Bill Derlago who we featured on Saturday night during our 80’s Night broadcast and cited his fine moustache, which is still as resplendent as ever. Team White won 8-7 in a shootout and fun was had by all.


Heartbreaking ending for the Raptors in Phoenix. The first quarter had the beautiful breakneck pace we were waiting for, before eventually tightening up. There’s  a reason the Suns are the only nine win team in the NBA but give the Raps credit for fighting hard down the stretch.

Turkoglu always has the stones to take the big shot but momentarily losing his dribble appeared to throw him off just enough. Don’t forget though prior to that miss, he drilled the trey to tie it at 98 and then had the go ahead jumper before Steve Nash responded. The Suns are the only team in the league to score 100 points in every game this season and they’ve scored at least 100 in 30 straight home games. Also 18-3 in home games since Alvin Gentry took over as head coach.  You almost knew Amare was due after that dud against the Lakers.

Also when you only half as many free throw attempts as the opposition(Toronto had 14 to the Suns 27) that’s often not a good recipe for success. Still, take the positive-the Raps battled in a hostile arena and will try to use that momentum against the Nuggets and Jazz.


- Consider me one of the local cheerleaders for Team Pacquiao. What a performance by Manny on Saturday night as he decimated Miguel Cotto. The Puerto Rican was valiant in defeat as I was screaming at the TV to stop the fight in the 10th round as his face was redder than a tomato. Thankfully a TKO 55 seconds into the final round stopped matters, further cementing Pacquiao’s place as one of the all-time greats. Nice to see my boy Derek Jeter in the 4th row.

- Thrilling finish to the Pats-Colts game. How does Belichick go for it on 4th and 2? Props to former Patriot Rodney Harrison for his candour saying, “that’s the worst coaching move I’ve ever seen Bill Belichick make.”

- Another brilliant job by Larry David paying reference to Michael Richards unfortunate incident three years ago when he denigrated a black audience member who was heckling him. While that moment in time was disgraceful, Curb Your Enthusiasm’s clever way of bringing it to mind was clever and altogether necessary.

- Saw An Education on Friday night. While I agree Carey Mulligan deserves the Oscar talk for a Best Actress nomination, I found the movie had some severe 3rd act problems after being so self-assured throughout. Just too convenient, pat and sentimental. Also liked Alfred Molina’s work as a doting dad and he may get a best supporting actor nod.

- Sesame Street turned 40 last week. Shout outs to the Count for his obsession with numbers and Oscar the Grouch for being an ornery curmudgeon.
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