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McCauley talks with Leafs TV about concussions

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs
One of the Leafs who is certainly familiar with what Darcy Tucker is now going through is centre Alyn McCauley who endured concussions earlier in his career. After Tuesday's practice, he joined Leafs TV to share his experiences. Here are some transcripts of his comments:

Leafs TV: Unfortunately, you're familiar with the concussion experience and the third grade is the worst one, the hardest to deal with.

McCauley: Yes, you lose consciousness and you're disoriented. It's a very tough thing to go through and it takes a lot longer than the first two do. They're just a few days or maybe even a week at the longest for a grade two, but a grade three could be a month or so. We just hope Darcy can heal quickly and get back in the lineup because he's been an essential part of our success early on.

Leafs TV: What does it feel like?

McCauley: Certainly you have headaches, you're fatigued. Everyone is certainly affected differently. Those were two things that bothered me quite a bit. Loud sounds and bright lights really bothered me early on. It really took two, maybe three, weeks before I got over the headaches and stuff. I still didn't feel like myself for probably two months.

Leafs TV: The team has played well of late. What can you do to continue that performance?

McCauley: Things have really clicked lately. We've really tried to bear down and play really solid for 60 minutes. Earlier on in the season we kind of let it slip away. We'd have a real good first period but in the second period we'd let a team get back in there, then really have to fight for a win in the third period. We've been trying to get that end result determined a little earlier on in the game. Some better plays, some smarter plays, some good defensive play has led us atop the standings.
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