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Leafs Notebook: Quinn thin, Kidd coming?

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs
by John McCauley

TORONTO -- A lean and not-so mean Pat Quinn arrived back in Toronto Wednesday night ready for another season at the helm of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The GM and coach has lost 45 pounds, quit his penchant for cigars and scotch, plus added a fitness element to his lifestyle, which had spiraled out of control in recent years. Long hours, poor eating habits and stress put the 59-year-old in hospital with a heart arrhythmia during the playoffs, forcing him to missing two games of the Eastern Conference Final.

Pat Quinn has lost even more weight since the NHL draft in June.
"I'm wearing new clothes now that are already too big," said Quinn told the Toronto Star. "I'm feeling more energized, but I've got a lot more to go. My whole lifestyle was lousy. I'll probably start running marathons or something."

Quinn will be checking in with his doctors Thursday for his regular checkup. He is likely to get clearance to enhance his exercise program, which now includes an hour of walking each day.

How has Quinn dropped the pounds when so many others struggle with their weight?

"Basically, I'm on a salt-free diet," he said. "It's a balanced diet but I just avoid salt. There a number of manufactured products that are full of salt and I just pay a lot of attention to that now. ... I've become one of those guys that read labels.

"I can have meat. I can have nine ounces of meat a day. Not salami and things like that but steak or chicken or veal whatever, without fat on it. Most vegetables are fine if they're fresh. Those sorts of things kept me on track."

While Quinn's improvements are dramatic, he's isn't a complete angel. The odd glass of wine has slipped through, but he has remained totally off the stogies.

"I cheat once in a while but the real key, and I'm working on it, is changing my mental approach. I'm still going to go on road trips but I have to make sure I make time for a workout. I'm not drinking right now, basically. Once I'm fully cleared I may go back to some of that stuff but I hope I don't go back to cigars. I might as well stay off of them if I've got them beat. I'd still like a beer so I'll probably have one of those on occasion."

While it was clear to most observers during the season that Quinn wasn't looking well, the veteran bench boss didn't feel that bad considering he'd jumped over the 300-pound mark and was gorging on one huge meal most days.

"We think we're strong. I wasn't feeling bad. I felt terrific but I had to make changes," Quinn said. "I always made big promises (about exercise) but I'd do it for a few weeks and then quit. Now I've got to somehow stay with it. I still don't want to go for the walk. I'm still human that way. I've got to still push myself. They say you get to a point where you look forward to it. I'm not there yet."


The Florida Panthers are going to move goaltender Trevor Kidd and his reported destination is the Maple Leafs.

Leafs's assistant to the president, Bill Watters confirmed to the Star that the Leafs were interested in Kidd last March but wouldn't touch the rumour.

"I can't talk about Kidd. He's the property of the Florida Panthers. To say we wanted him would be tampering," Watters said.

Sportsnet's Web site reported on Wednesday that the Leafs already had a deal worked out with Kidd but his agent, Herb Pinder, denied that was the case. Pinder did told the Star, Toronto is one of the teams he is talking to.

"We've had discussions with Toronto on and off since February. The Leafs can speak for themselves but I do believe he is in the mix there," said Pinder. "I'm hoping it comes to pass that he is in Toronto."

It has also been reported that once Kidd clears waivers, his $2.3 million contract scares most teams, the Panthers will buyout the final year of the deal, paving the way for him to sign with the Leafs.

Nothing is expected to happen officially until next week, if it happens at all.
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