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How Blue & White are you?

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs

--Fans good luck rituals pay off in the playoffs--

With the Toronto Maple Leafs advancing to round two of the Stanley Cup playoffs, it looks like the good luck rituals of Maple Leafs fans have paid off.

Recently, the club asked fans and celebrities to submit their pre-game good luck rituals for a chance to win playoffs tickets and the hopes that the collective sentiments would help the Leafs in their road to victory.

Maple Leafs Elvis before he left the building.
Jaime Burnham
With more than 4,000 responses in just the first five days of the promotion on, it's clear Maple Leafs fans will do anything to help their team win a game - from lucky shirts and underwear, to decorations and shrines, and telepathic messages to their favourite players.


On game day, lifetime fan Steve Horrocks from Mississauga orders a pizza with exactly 13 toppings on it, in recognition of No. 13, Mats Sundin.

Scott Meyers from Kingston has been a fan from birth and is continuing the tradition by dressing his new baby in a Leafs sleeper for every game.

Game day for Toronto resident Michael Taylor includes lighting incense and having a cold beer. When the Leafs score, his buddies rub the maple leaf on the front of his jersey.

Kyle Neault from Whitby says, "I always wear my lucky Leafs sweater. Every time the Leafs score, I play the Leafs goal song on my CD player and swing the Leafs towel I got from a friend who went to a playoff game. In the playoffs, I never wash my Leafs sweater because that would be bad luck."

Leafs mania includes fans from all over. Howard Shapiro from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania says that his ritual consists of rubbing his Tie Domi and Mats Sundin bobblehead dolls twice before each game.

Norm Tait, a fan from Quispamsis, New Brunswick believes that sitting with his right leg crossed over his left during every game gives the Leafs a mystical little push to win.

St. Albert, Alberta native Rob Rimer kisses an autographed print of the 1967 team including Horton, Sawchuck, Keon, and Armstrong. "I also give my Borje Salming picture a big smooch," he says.

Brownstone, Michigan fan Aaron Wallace says, "Before every game on Saturday night I eat the exact same meal. Everything in the room has to be in exact order - my Leafs flag hanging on the wall, my 'Go, Leafs, Go' sign next to the TV, and my Sundin jersey hanging on the wall."

Celebrities also have confidence that their pre-game rituals create good luck for the Leafs.

Toronto Argonaut football player, Joe Mountford eats pancakes and eggs and gives high-fives to fans at the games.

Jonathan Torrens an actor, writer and producer for CBC says that in terms of being a Maple Leafs fan, "When you're from the Maritimes, it's a part of your baptism."

When fans submit their stories they automatically have the chance to win a pair of tickets to a Leafs playoff game.

Until the end of the Leafs playoff run, fans can respond to "How Blue & White Are You?" by logging onto They can also read the Toronto Sun photos, game day rituals and entry forms.

Go Leafs go!
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