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GMs Approve Competition Committee Recommendations

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs

BOSTON -- The National Hockey League general managers endorsed all of the recommendations made by the NHL Competition Committee during a meeting Wednesday, according to NHLPA Special Assistant to the Executive Director Mathieu Schneider.

The Competition Committee initially met to come up with the recommendations in a meeting June 4 in Toronto.

Chief among the recommendations are the mandatory use of visors for all players entering the NHL beginning in the 2013-14 season, and the use of hybrid icing in the 2013 preseason.

The NHL Board of Governors will vote on these recommendations when it meets June 27.

Schneider said the GMs were enthusiastic about having visors being mandatory for all players who enter the League beginning next season.

 "I think the GMs are real excited about the visors being made mandatory for the rookies coming into the League," Schneider said.

 Schneider said players will vote on hybrid icing toward the end of the preseason. If the players like the change, it will go to the NHL's Board of Governors for approval, with the hope that it could be implemented for the start of the 2013-14 regular season.

 "I assume we'll know fairly quickly, we'll have a pretty good idea, a pretty good gauge, handle on things," Schneider said. "We get a lot of good feedback from all the player reps on an ongoing basis, so I imagine we'll have a pretty good idea before the end of training camp, before our Board call to decide."

Schneider said the exact definition for hybrid icing and how it will be implemented in the preseason still are being worked on.

"I think that will be an interesting experiment," he said. "I'm optimistic. I've learned more through these meetings watching videos and getting a better understanding, but I think it's really going to give our players an opportunity of what it's like to play and to watch the hybrid. We'll see. If it makes the game safer, it's a great thing."

Among the other recommendations the GMs approved are:

* All double-minor penalties for high-sticking will be subject to video review.

* The League will eliminate the attainable pass, which gave linesmen the discretion to wave off icing infractions on attempted passes that are deemed to be attainable. With the new standard, there must be contact with the stick.

 * Beginning next season, the NHL could use nets that are 4 inches shallower. Nets will remain six feet wide by four feet tall, but they will be 40 inches in depth, down from 44 inches.


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Author: Dan Rosen | Senior Writer

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