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Dion Phaneuf - 1.20.2016

by Chris Lund / Toronto Maple Leafs

Here's what Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf had to say following Wednesday's practice in Toronto...

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On Brian McGrattan's fight:

I know him, I know him quite well. I played with him and have a lot of respect for him. It's scary, it's something that you hate to see happen. It's an unfortunate circumstance where he hits his head on the ice. First and foremost what goes through my head is I hope he's okay and that he's able to fully recover. At the end of the day when you see something like that happen, it's scary. Especially with a guy you've played with.

Do you see that has a tipping point for how much longer fighting will be in the game?

I think that that's for you to have your opinion and for me to have my opinion. If you're asking me if I think fighting still has a place in the game I think there's still a place in the game for it. When you see something like that you just hope he's not seriously injured. It's part of hockey and I'm sure if you ask different guys, different guys will give you different answers, but for me fighting still has a part in the game and it's unfortunate when something like that happens. I hope he's okay, I have a lot of respect for him. I played with him, he was a real good teammate and I just hope he's okay.

What did last night's game do to build this team's confidence?

I think last night is done and over with now. The bottom line is we've got to come back today, have a good practice and get ready for tomorrow. You don't -- we're not looking back, we've got to move forward. It's the same when things aren't going well, you say the same thing. You've got to move forward, you've got to keep pushing through. It's the same as when you win games. You've got to build off that, you want to feel good, we do feel good about the way we play but we've got to continue to get better and keep building our game.

Is the D getting involved offensively a good sign for the power play?

I think that's the way the game has really changed. You see a lot of four man rushes, you see a lot of guys jumping in the play that makes it tougher for the opposition to defend. You look on the first goal, Polie makes a real good read to jump into the play and he gets a big goal for our team. The last one is a real good shot from Hunny that finds a way to go in. We've had a few late goals go against us so it's good to be able to get one that goes for us.

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