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Checkin' Out The New Board

by Mike Ulmer / Toronto Maple Leafs
Close your eyes.

Right now.

Here’s what you saw: vague floating figures and colours you only see with your eyes closed.

Prepare to close your eyes and to see Chris Bosh instead.

Or Vesa Toskala. Heck, maybe even Mats Sundin.

All this is possible with the new scoreboard at Air Canada Centre.

The big board was unveiled Thursday for a pack of media, some of whom understood what an 800 per cent increase in LED display meant.

If there ever was a scoreboard you could see after you closed your eyes, this is it.

The thing is massive, 20 tons with the four main screens measuring 17x20 feet.

There are eight upper panels or boards and four more below and more LED’s than Madonna has corsets. Blend the increased screen size (increased technology allows more LEDs in less space) and you end up 800 per cent more LED display than the old board, which will be moved down the road to Ricoh Coliseum. That’s good.

Boardzilla cost $8 million bucks and while its brightness can all but tan your skin, advancing technology means it actually uses less power than its predecessor. So they’ve got the whole Green thing locked up.

And this is important, because…?

Well, if you are in the back rows of a Leafs or Raptors game, you can now accesss game statistics while ignoring the television monitors set up to carry those very stats to the distant reaches of the building.

You can see what is going on in glorious high definition and while this can be a disadvantage when Dick Bavetta goes through his pre-game stretching routine or Jeff Finger gets a gruesome cut from a high stick, this is Real Reality Television.

This is “I see Steen didn’t shave” and “who’s building a condo on Joey Graham’s bicep? ” clear. This isn’t Raptorvision, this is Rapturevision, not the Leafsboard but Leaves Nothing To The Imagination Board.

Clear, as an old journalism teacher used to say in his muddled way, is better. Big is better. Bright is better.

Boardzilla is better. Wait until you see it.
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