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Boyes on production, the power play and more

by Chris Lund / Toronto Maple Leafs

Here's what Brad Boyes had to say after Thursday's workout.

Do you feel that the team is generating enough and has been unlucky or do you need to generate more?

I think we need to generate more second and third opportunities. We've had some chances, we've had some great looks, we need to capitalize on those a little bit more obviously. We can, again, we've had some chances but I think we can generate more as well. Kind of a bit of both on that one.

Are you experienced enough that you don't squeeze your stick to get that first goal or are you pressing?

I'm still itching, I've got to find ways to get better, better chances, find ways to get closer to the net, shoot pucks more. For myself it's working in practice, trying to work on some things that I didn't think I did great last game or chances I had that I could have scored and didn't. Watching video too, seeing other places where I can get better opportunities. I need to start producing. I'm counted on to contribute and we're a team that hasn't scored a lot of goals. That's what's needed to do that too.

Are you superstitious?

Not crazy. A couple of different things but nothing like some of the things I've seen... Superstitions, it's either superstition or routine. I'd like to classify them as routine.

What's the weirdest thing you've seen from a teammate?

I've seen some odd things, goalies tend to have some weird things going on. Guys touching their elbow pad a certain number of times, there's been a few -- I don't know if I even remember, it just kind of happens as regular, it's normal when you see it. Goalies are always kind of the ones that had the 'don't touch this' or don't talk to them that are maybe a little different I guess from me.

Are you on a different routine now from earlier?

No, I'm still trying to stick with it. You want to -- it's worked before so you want to keep with it. I've been through stuff before. The routine I want to keep the same, it's just the other stuff, working on different things. Working on things on the ice, working on stuff, watching certain videos to kind of get over, trying to find that right chemistry with the guys I'm playing with, power play -- trying to get that going a little more. Those things I think are more you can work on those versus tying my left shoe versus my right shoe.

Does anything stick out to you about the power play?

We only had the one opportunity the last game. We're getting in, we're trying to generate more shots, which was good -- get more pucks to the net. It's tough when you don't have four five chances and you just have the one. We need to do something with it because it can generate a lot. Not only as far as chances or goals but it can get momentum. You look at that second period, we get that power play but after we kind of keep going, we're pushing, we're rolling and you feel better. When you're on the power play you feel the puck and you're touching it more. Not only is it good to have the opportunity to score but it's good by getting momentum, playing in their end, pushing them back on their heels. You see it the other way around. When they get a power play like last game they kind of keep pushing forward as well.

Is there anticipation to go to Montreal to play in this rivalry in that building?

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it but it still comes to now we need wins. We need goals. Bernier played well last game, he gave us a chance to win and we've just got to produce. That's my focus. I'm going to enjoy it and the atmosphere, whatever it is, you're sitting there so you're going to enjoy it. It's a matter of getting down to business and taking care of it.

What has your response been to Mike striking a positive tone?

He has been great. He's got a mix, he's pointing out a lot of the positives that we're going in the right direction. At the same time he's pointing out things that we need to clean up. Up to this point I think he's been great with new faces, getting us all on the same page, making sure we believe in each other. We're getting there. So far we're on the right path, we're moving in the right direction. When some of these things start clicking, we score some of the goals, we score on some of these chances and really get some of those bounces, we're just going to keep it moving and making sure we're staying on that even keel. Not too low, not too high.

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