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Booth on positivity and the process

by Chris Lund / Toronto Maple Leafs

David Booth
caught up with media in Toronto on Sunday as the team prepares for a Monday night game against the Hurricanes. Here's what he had to say...

On if the new system has shown signs of improving the team:

Yeah I think we are improving, the guys in this room have talked about it. We're upset with ourselves, you have to get results, but I think over the course the results even out. Maybe we didn't deserve to win some of those games in December but maybe we deserved to win a couple on the road. I think it evens out through the year.

On the team finding the offence/defence balance:

It's always funny, you know, you're scoring, you're giving up shots and taking chances and then when you tighten things up you focus on that and maybe you don't generate as many chances. I think we've still generated plenty of chances, they just haven't gone in these last couple of games. The question is how to find that balance between playing sound defence and also generating a lot of offence.

On the message in Sunday's meetings:

Pete is a very positive guy, which is really good. He demands from his players but within that message he's positive and he's not really getting on guys, he's teaching us through it. I think guys listen to that when they're taught and taught in a positive manner. I think that's good the way he does it.

On the positive parts of their game since Horachek has taken over:

One thing we talk about is the attention to detail. There are so many little things in the game that the players and coaches know — certain plays and certain aspects of a forecheck or defensive zone coverage. Being in the right position, I think he points that stuff out and when you're not in the right position he'll address that too.

On if there is any nervousness with potential trade talk:

I really stay away from that stuff as much as I can, I learned a little bit in Vancouver in my time there to kind of stay away. I've done that so far this year. Those are things that you have no control over and I've learned through the course of my life that the things you worry about that you have no control over can really frustrate you and really make you worry a lot. If you stay away from that you'll be alright... We just know it's the time of the year and where we're at in the standings, I think that within our organization we know we have to start winning. The tension is always increased when you don't win on a road trip and you're fighting for a playoff spot.

On his health:

I was fine, I really was fine. I kind of wanted to play in San Jose but it was just for the best interests since it was a back-to-back it was too close to see how I was feeling that day and then the next day. I felt good and I feel just like I did before the hit.

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