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All Those Shots Will Turn Into Goals

by Adnan Virk / Toronto Maple Leafs
61-21. That’s a stunning shot total for any game. That’s more befitting of a basketball halftime score between the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals. Sadly there’s no comedy for  any of the Maple Leafs after that overtime loss to the New York Islanders.

Roloson stood on his head and mama said there’d be days  like this. 58 saves is unreal for any 40 year old netminder and you can’t bemoan the lack of quality chances. But sooner or later, the pucks will go in and although the win wasn’t registered at least the Leafs did dominate play which can only bode well for the future.

On the last two Gate 5 Live’s, we’ve had Mike Komisarek and Mike van Ryn on as special guests. Komo is rehabbing steadily and should be back on the ice for the buds in two weeks and was also discussing his camp for kids with cancer - a noteworthy cause since Mike’s own mother passed away from that terrible disease. As for van Ryn he gutted it out with his crutches and hopes to be on the ice in February but obviously is out for this season unfortunately. Both of them are class acts.


Both Antoine Wright and Marco Bellinelli practiced Monday and certainly their absence was notable against the Orlando Magic. On paper, the Raptors were equal to Orlando in virtually every statistical category, including Toronto winning the battle with points in the paint by a plus 12 margin after being dominated in that category on their road trip.

Having said that, Orlando is the defending champion of the Eastern Conference and a considerable foe especially when Andrea Bargnani was also not at 100 percent battling sickness and foul-prone in failing to get his third straight double-double.

As for Reggie Evans and his return, head coach Jay Triano was curt in his reply, ‘no idea.’ He then followed that up by saying he’ll see a specialist soon to determine any sort of timelines on his return. You’d have to think mid-December at this point which would mean two months out of the lineup. Cleary, Reggie’s loss has been Amir Johnson’s gain.


- Carrie Prejean, the much-ballyhooed Miss USA who was stripped of her crown and courted controversy with her comments on gay marriage and the liberal media, is now dating quarterback Kyle Boller. He previously dated Tara Reid. Does this guy  love courting drama or what?

- An excellent end to Curb Your Enthusiasm’s 7th season on Sunday. Surreal seeing the Seinfeld cast reunited in familiar locales (Monk’s Diner!) in a fitting anti-reunion. Would’ve loved to have seen more scenes of Larry David playing George Costanza who was famously based on Larry David. Also, nice to see Elizabeth Shue getting some work after her outstanding turn in leaving las vegas 14 years ago.

- Oprah will be leaving us in a year and a half. Yeah right. She’ll still be on the tube, just not daily but on her own channel. This clearly opens the door for George Lopez and Wanda Sykes to become talk show stars. Yes, they both have shows and no, I don’t know anyone who’s watched either.

- My guy Jack Armstrong took his son to see Bruce Springsteen play in Buffalo Sunday. Love Bruce. Born to Run, Glory Days, Radio Nowhere, the Wrestler and that maniacally energetic halftime show at the Super Bowl earlier this year.

- My DVD pick this week is the underrated cop drama Homicide from acclaimed writer-director David Mamet, released in a special edition from those cinephiles at Criterion. Featuring Mamet regulars Joe Mantegna and a volcanic William H. Macy, it’s a surprisingly effective thriller that has a killer surprise ending and has Mamet’s trademark dialogue propelling the action throughout.
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