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ACC Leads the Way

by Staff Writer / Toronto Maple Leafs

February 23, 2006

(TORONTO) -- Air Canada Centre is not only home to the Maple Leafs and Raptors but it is also one of the top concert venues throughout the world.

This is the seventh year of Air Canada Centre's exsistense and it continues to be a leader in sports arenas. There have been improvements to the inside of the arena and it is something that fans of the Maple Leafs have enjoyed.

Air Canada Centre is a leader among sporting venues.
(Getty Images/NHLI)

Recently, Air Canada Centre was ranked among the top five among sports venues by three leading entertainment publications.

Fans had a chance to post on the message board  their thoughts on Air Canada Centre. Here are some of the responses from fans:

The Adrenaline Bar: It's very cool to be able to sit at a bar and watch a hockey game. Not just on a television screen, but the real deal. It takes going to the bar to catch the game to a whole new level. TuckerIntensity

ACC is arguably the most famous and popular sporting arena in all of Canada. The location is superb, as it is within short distances from the CN Tower. ACC features tremendous amounts of attractions for young and old. With a great hospitality and environment, Torontonians are not only there to watch the game live, but to enjoy all the moments that come along with attending the game. The facility has a lot of open space, but it sure doesn't seem like it when you have 22,000 people at a Leafs game. They've great stores that sell amazing merchandise, a range of fast food places for you to obtain your meals and most of all, the excitement and thrill of the game. If you're not in the GTA, I strongly recommend you go check out ACC, located in downtown, Toronto, which is easily accessible by the TTC. vinzanity

The seats are great, the atmosphere in the building is electric, and the workers are fantastic, ensuring a great experience for whatever event you are there for. The building itself is a world-class facility. Leafs #1 Superfan

I love ACC because there is something to see or look at every single step of the way to your amazing seats (anywhere you sit in ACC is amazing, from the first row to the last). The pictures, the paintings, the shops and the memorabilia are everywhere which brings in the spirit of our teams as well as the overall enviroment. leafgurl15

Air Canada Centre is a fantastic venue! If I had to pick one thing I love about it the most, it would have to be the fact that it isn't trying to "be" Maple Leaf Gardens. It's completely different! It's easy to replace Maple Leaf Gardens the building, but its character will never be duplicated. It's great to see that the ACC respects that. EDA: I cannot forget to add that I absolutely love the elevator attendants and how friendly they are to everyone!!  'Caber24

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