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A Busy Off-Season Ahead For Hanson

by Christian Hanson / Toronto Maple Leafs
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April 9, 2010

Hey fans,

I finally had the chance to check out the Hot Tub Time Machine and it was absolutely hilarious. It’s a little vulgar and some scenes are definitely not suitable for younger audiences.

I’ve seen lots of movies this year and it’s hard to say which one is my favourite. There have been so many different types of movies. I thought the Blind Side was a really good movie and Hot Tub Time Machine is hilarious. But overall I think the best movie I’ve seen this year was one that came out around Christmas time, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassuss. That was the last movie that Heath Ledger filmed. He actually passed away while filming the movie and they had Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell take over his role and they interchanged and I thought that movie was awesome.

Last weekend my parents came up from Pittsburgh for Easter. It’s kind of tough with the schedule for my parents to come and see me. They saw our game against Buffalo and then we got to spend the entire day together on Friday. It was the nicest day all year which was great. They got to see our game on Saturday against Boston.  We spent the day together Sunday before they went back home. Usually I don’t spend that much quality time with them during the season.

When my parents were here I didn’t see it but I heard my dad was on Hockey Night In Canada on Saturday talking about the Johnstown Chiefs leaving the city.

Growing up I spent one month every summer in Johnstown because that is where my mom is from. She is one of seven children so all my aunts and uncles are there.  My cousins are all around my age so me and my sisters would run around with my cousins for a month back in the day.

It’s tough to see the team leaving the city with the history that the team had. I don’t think the conditions are right right now but hopefully down the road they will be able to return.

It might be surprising but I don’t think I have any jerseys from the team but we definitely have the Charlestown Chiefs jerseys around the house!

My first pro season was definitely a learning experience. The pro game is different than college. It took me some time and I’m still learning the ropes and getting used to the game. I really valued the time that I spent with Dallas (Eakins), Kinger (Derek King) and Gordo (Gord Dineen) down with the Marlies and I can’t begin to explain how much they helped me.

The other thing that surprised me was how it goes by so fast. I’ve never played this many games before. In college you play about 40 games a year but there is a wear on the body and it’s something that you have to deal with.

I’m not quite sure what I will do this summer but I will probably take two weeks off and refresh and let my body recoup. I will get in the weight room and try and put some of that weight back on that I lost during the season. Later in the summer I will be back on the ice and work towards earning a spot for next year.

To be honest I really haven’t thought about taking a vacation. I know that my family has a trip planned for Orlando and we will probably go on a long weekend. We haven’t really had a nice family vacation in a few years so it will be good to get away with the family for a few days. I also have a couple of weddings to go to. My buddies that I went to school with and grew up with are getting married so that will be fun.

Before I go I just want to say thanks for following the blog all year. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I enjoyed doing them and bringing people into my life a little bit.

Have a good summer,

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