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We are pleased to once again to offer you the opportunity to 'trade' a few games that you are unable to use throughout the 2019-20 season. Because of another strong STM renewal campaign, STM ticket trades will once again be very limited and will sell out fast, thank you Bolts Nation!

Please see below for a few important notes regarding the 2019-20 Ticket Trade program.


  • ONLINE VIA 'MY BOLTS NATION' - This season 'Ticket Trades' will be done exclusively online through your My Bolts Nation account. This transparent and 24 hour-a-day option will ensure that you always have the best opportunity to trade for seats, if any are available.
    • Ticket Trades will not be fulfilled via phone or email in 2019-20, they must be completed through your Bolts Nation account.
  • GAME DATES - As was the case last season, not all games will be available for trades this season. Before you make any trade official you will be able to view the potential games that you can trade into. 
  • INVENTORY - Open seating that matches your price category may not be available for all 'tradeable' games. We expect several games to max out for Ticket Trade opportunities as well. Please make your trade decisions as far in advance as you can, doing so will increase your chances of being able to execute a desired trade. No additional trade seats will be made available.
  • NUMBER OF TRADES - Similar to last season, you will be able to trade a limited amount of games. Once you have hit the maximum allowed, your online option for trades will be disabled.
    • Full STM - Up to 8 Ticket Trades
    • Half STM - Up to 4 Ticket Trades
    • Ten Game STM - Up to 2 Ticket Trades

IMPORTANT: A trade is official when you have moved at least one (1) ticket to another game. This would count against your total trades available listed above.

  • UPGRADES - When you are completing your trade, you do have the option to select from upgraded seats. If you elect to upgrade, you can simply pay the difference when you complete the trade. Note: you are not able to use account credit or funds from the sale of other games for upgrades, it must be paid with a credit card at the time of completing the trade. Our office is unable to accept payment for ticket trade upgrades.
  • ACCESS TO YOUR NEW TICKETS - Your new seats will be available in your My Bolts Nation account as soon as you complete the trade. You will be able to forward them immediately.
    • Please note: Your STM card barcodes will not work for games you trade into, please access trade games via the Amalie Arena app for mobile entry.