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Your Health, Our Goal: Sports Performance Specialists

by Staff Writer / Tampa Bay Lightning

Athletic assessments are not just for professional athletes. Florida Hospital has a comprehensive Sports Medicine program that can help prevent injuries and improve your game, whether you are a serious athlete or weekend warrior. Our program can:

1. Identify and correct dysfunctional movements that impede your performance and increase the risk for injuries.

2. Provide head-to-toe strength and range of motion measurements.

3. Assess your body for balance, strength, stability and mobility.

4. Provide a baseline neurocognitive concussion test.

We have sports medicine specialists in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties who can help you enhance your mobility and performance. We also have assessments specifically designed for student athletes. Physical therapy, cross training and performance assessments can help reduce the risk of overuse injuries like ACL tears, shin splints, tendonitis, elbow pain, shoulder pain and ankle injuries. Go to to find a Florida Hospital sports medicine physician near you.

Go to to learn more.

Watch these great videos from our sports medicine experts:

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