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Weekly Best of the Web: June 28th Edition

by Turner Batten / Tampa Bay Lightning

New Lightning Intro??

We all know the Lightning’s theme song is “Thunderstruck.” It’s the classic ACDC song the Lightning take the ice to and it also plays after a Lightning goal and a Lightning win.

How cool would it be to have a guy who plays the song live in the arena… on bagpipes… dressed in a medieval kilt?

Sounds crazy right?

Well, here is your guy.

He is pretty impressive. The fire coming out of the bagpipes is pretty awesome as well.

Don’t you think this guy would be a great addition the Lightning games?

Ready to be a rock star?

With the NHL Draft coming up this Sunday, a few young hockey players will have their dreams come true.

Some of them will be catapulted into rock star status immediately, especially the top picks.

For the most part, gurus are saying Nathan MacKinnon, Seth Jones, Jonathan Drouin and Darnell Nurse are the top four North American prospects.

Who knows if that is how they will be drafted, but these four youngsters are already getting a taste of the celebrity life.

The foursome is getting chauffeured all around New York City. They have been seen at the top of the Empire State Building.

Here is what Seth Jones tweeted about his Empire State Building experience:

@Seth)Jones318h‏: Just went to the top of the Empire State Building. too scary to ever do again.

The guys were also spotted at Yankee Stadium and the Yankees even put them on the video board wishing them luck this Sunday.

All this has to be pretty awesome for those kids. Good luck to them Sunday and I’ll bet one of them may be putting on the Tampa Bay Lightning sweater on Sunday evening.

A Drunken Relocation…

If you like to have a beer or two at a hockey game it is nice to have your choice, right?

Well not if you are a hockey fan of the Czech Republic team HC Mountfield.

Controversy has struck the organization that was founded in 1928 over beer.

The team plays in Budvar Arena and Budvar is a local brewery there. In the contract of the arena it states that only Budvar beer can be sold in the arena.

Here is where the problem arises. The league, Czech Extraliga, that HC Mountfield plays in recently appointed Radegast, another brewery, the official beer of the league and only that beer can be sold at league games.

Now HC Mountfield is between a rock and a hard place.

In the end, the team ended up having to relocated because if they played games at Budvar Arena and sold Radegast beer they would be fined $52,000 dollars per game.

This all seems a little crazy to me.

You can read more here.

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