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Twenty Lucky Winners Chosen to ‘Be the Ticket’ for 2011-12 Season

by Staff Writer / Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning have selected 20 lucky winners to ‘Be The Ticket’ for the upcoming 2011-12 regular season, the team announced today. Contestants were asked to submit Lightning-themed photos through the team’s official Facebook page at in July. The selected photos will now be featured on one of 20 game tickets in the Lightning’s 2011-12 season ticket booklet.

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Be the Ticket Winners

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“We were overwhelmed with the large number of fan entries for our ‘Be the Ticket’ campaign,” said Vice President of Brand Management Lynn Wittenburg. “In the end, we selected 20 photos and encouraged the lucky winners to ‘Be the Thunder’ behind the Lightning. We thank them for taking part in the campaign and for being such loyal supporters of the team and our players.”

The 20 designated games in which Lightning fans will appear on tickets span from October 20 to April 2. In addition to being featured on the selected game’s ticket, each winner will receive four Channelside Club tickets to the corresponding game, as well as a commemorative ticket as a keepsake. Each winner will also be recognized on LightningVision during the game, while their “fan profiles” will be featured on

The entire Lightning organization would like to thank all the fans who submitted a photo to the "Be the Ticket" Facebook contest. The 20 winners whose photos will appear on tickets in the 2011-12 season tickets booklet have been notified. Though every photo received was not able to be selected for this particular contest, all of the submissions were gratefully accepted and several have been included on the team’s official Bolts Nation Fan Zone page here.

Throughout the season, fans are encouraged to continue to submit their best fan photos to for your chance to be featured on the Lightning website in the near future.

The winners of the 2011-12 ‘Be The Ticket’ campaign are as follows:

Date                             Winner                         Opponent

October 20                    Carsyn Grace                New York Islanders

November 4                  Rick Mulder                   Chicago Blackhawks

November 17                Tiffany Webb                Pittsburgh Penguins

November 22                Michael Kisielewski        Toronto Maple Leafs

December 12                Adam Kraft                   New Jersey Devils

December 15                Marlon H.                      Calgary Flames

December 29                Lauren Burg                  Montreal Canadiens

January 10                    Brian Watson                Vancouver Canucks

January 15                    Greg Bowen                  Pittsburgh Penguins

January 24                    Mariah Sullivan              Columbus Blue Jackets

February 2                    Brian Levine                  Winnipeg Jets

February 7                    Jennifer Atkinson           Los Angeles Kings

February 16                   Gia Litvak                      San Jose Sharks

February 21                   Brian N.                        Anaheim Ducks

February 28                   Landry Boissy               Montreal Canadiens

March 6                        Simon Lord                   Ottawa Senators

March 15                       Lauryn Bodden              Toronto Maple Leafs

March 19                       Todd M. Taylor              Buffalo Sabres

March 22                       Linda Hamilton              Edmonton Oilers

April 2                           K.C. Gotthold                Washington Capitals

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