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OK, my “Guess the Silhouette Contest” is gaining some steam now, with the emails coming in by the bunches. You betcha I’m enjoying all your off-the-wall guesses.


I need to go ahead and eliminate a couple more movies that seem to be the most popular guesses so far. I already told you it’s not Slap Shot, now I can also scratch Happy Gilmore and The Mighty Ducks (any of them) from the list. Oh, also it’s not Sheriff Bud Boomer from Canadian Bacon, which two readers guessed last night. And no, Kate, The Cutting Edge is not one of my favorite movies, LOL.


What the heck, I’ll eliminate a few more. Only five days left. It’s not Mystery Alaska, Lethal Weapon 3 or Miracle. Based on the guesses that came in last night and this morning, my latest hint has people starting to point in a little better direction, but we still aren’t there yet. Like I said yesterday, the movie has hockey in it but it isn’t necessarily about hockey. We also already know that the movie came out sometime before the year 2000.


With the Lightning’s home season over now (too soon!), the ice has already been removed from the St. Pete Times Forum as the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four moves in. The Lightning headed to Brandon today for practice before the short flight to Raleigh.

A couple of you emailed me to ask what’s up with Shane O’Brien, who hasn’t played the past two games. I can only give you two words – coach’s decision. Shane is healthy and practicing with the team, but hasn’t been included in the game group the past two games. John Tortorella hasn’t offered the media much insight into his decision, so that’s all I’ve got.

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