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by Staff Writer / Tampa Bay Lightning

Sorry I haven't gotten a chance to do this in a while. We've all just been focusing our attention on winning and guys are grinding through it. We're coming together as a team and it's better for us to be going through this at this time of the season rather than in April. Good teams get through it and do OK, great teams are the ones that learn from it and really excel and turn it around. At this point we know that we have the right guys in the room, and we believe in every one of us.


We're excited to be back home because this is a huge month for us. This is the time for us to come together and get a lot of things done. We're going to take care of things here at home and really concentrate on getting back to the basics. Thankfully most of our games this month are at home. We know we need to win on the road, but right now the most important thing is to just win the next game.


On a non-hockey note, I took my daughter, Michaela, to 97X's Next Big Thing show on Sunday. She's 4 and she's already a seasoned veteran to rock shows. She's already been to Nickelback and Three Days Grace. She was more impressed with hanging out on the buses, which scared me a bit as a dad! She just thinks they're the coolest thing. At the Nickelback show when Chad, the lead singer said, "This one's for all my ladies," she just started screaming and went, "Yeeahh!!" It was hilarious. Mike, Nickelback's bass player, is actually how she got her name. We named her after him. He also made mine and Cara's wedding bands.


I figured today would give me good chance to answer some more questions that people have been sending me. Please keep them coming, I love talking about things I know you guys are interested in!


Jamie asked what the best concert I've ever been to is.

That's tough. I've been to so many and there's a lot that stick out. One of the best ones was during the lockout when I was touring around with Nickelback, just hanging out with a bunch of the guys. The show was Nickelback, Three Doors Down, Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin, somewhere in Ohio. Kid Rock showed up out of the blue to the show, no one knew he was coming. At the time, Nickelback had been doing a cover of the Metallica song that Kid Rock had done. After the first verse of that song, Kid Rock came out on stage and broke it down into the Kid Rock version. It was amazing. Chad, from Nickelback, looked over and said, "I didn't even know he was back there!" It was a cool rock star moment, it was neat. That was one of the more memorable moments and it was one of the most incredible shows.


Jennifer asked as a defenseman, what's the most difficult thing to learn and be consistent with and improve upon?

Definitely positioning. As a defenseman, if you're out of position, everyone on the ice knows it and everyone in the building knows it because that's usually when the red light goes on. You can make good passes and you can check well and block shots, but the number one thing that you have to know is to be in the right position at all times. If you're running around all over the place and no one really knows what you're doing, you're going to leave a lot of holes offensively for the other team and you're hanging your teammates out to dry. You need to be between the puck and the your net at all times.


Enya asked about my tattoos and what they represent.

Everything on my body has something to do with my family, be it immediate or extended. I have two on my ankle, which are the Stanley Cup ones. I have one on my back that is the state of Texas and the Canadian flag kind of morphed together. The one on my right arm is a cross with my daughter's name, Michaela, and it has her birthstone in the middle of it. The one on my left arm, going down is a rosary that says Marley, my 7-month-old daughter's name. And I have one on my inner arm that is the beginning of a little "project" I'm doing with my music ties. It's a symbol for Morgan Rose, the drummer for Sevendust, who I've always considered a big brother. I've always turned to him for advice and he's been through a lot of difficult situations in his life. I've got a couple more ideas for the rest of that, so it could be a painful couple of years!


Stephanie asked about roommate pairings on road trips.

To be honest, I don't really know all of them. I had my own room for a little bit due to the way the numbers worked out. I'm with Lundin now and I don't know who's quieter, him or me. Right now, I'm totally into the TV show 'Prison Break,' so I've been catching up on the last two seasons. I literally I get in the room, put it on and watch that until I go to sleep. I look over at him and he's usually reading the paper or reading a book, so we're both really quiet. He's a good roommate, though. I'm looking forward to getting my own room once the 600-game rule comes in to play (only about 50 more!).  Hopefully I can stick it out and not get on Lundin's nerves too much in the next little bit. I think O.B. and Ranger are together, but other than that, I don't really know.


Matt asked how disappointed Dan Boyle was that Faith No More didn't make Guitar Hero III.

Haha, well, there's always a chance for Guitar Hero IV. I don't know, I'll have to ask him. I do know that he's medium right now. A few blogs ago I talked about how he couldn't play yet, so you can see that his rehab is coming along just fine! He's doing well. I had borrowed his amp a few days ago, and I came home and it was gone. Cara said he had come back to pick it up because he wanted to start playing again. That's good news – that means he's moving his fingers well. Unfortunately, now I have to buy a new amp (thanks, Boyler!) and get back to practicing so he doesn't get too far ahead of me.


Dina asked what kind of chatter goes on between periods in the locker room.

Everybody's different and every game is different. Some guys just sit in there and reflect on what's going on and what they need to do in the next period. Some guys are talkers, some guys work on sticks; it really depends. There are a lot of different things that go on. More than anything it's just a time to prepare for the next period. Everything is so fast when you're on the ice and the rests are few and far between, so we make sure to take advantage of the intermissions. They're a big part of the game.


Talk to you all soon and hopefully see you at the game!

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