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Lightning Round: Todd Fedoruk

by Staff Writer / Tampa Bay Lightning
On July 21 the Lightning announced a trade that brought Todd Fedoruk to Tampa Bay. This week Fedoruk sits down in the hot seat for The Lightning Round.

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Tampa Bay: What are you most excited to do when you get to Tampa?

Todd Fedoruk: Fishing. Grouper, bonefish, anything. Whatever is down there.

TBL: It is said you like to do your own home repairs. Did you have any projects over the summer?

TF: No, I didn’t do anything this summer. No, wait, I did. I painted my garage and put some storage stuff in there.  It looks good!.

TBL: If you were a character on “Lost,” who would you be?

TF: I haven’t watched it in a long time so I wouldn’t even know. I would probably want to be Sayid.

TBL: What is your favorite thing to do with your family during the off-season?

TF: Probably go to the shore. In general, spending time with the family.

TBL: The Philadelphia Eagles are your favorite NFL team stemming from your days with the Flyers. Who is your favorite player on the team?  Any chance of converting to the Bucs?

TF: I’m loyal to the Eagles. I don’t know if [Brian] Westbrook is still there, but Westbrook.
The Bucs?  I don’t know. It depends, but I don’t think so.

TBL: Are you a dog or a cat person? Do you have any pets?

TF: Dog. I have a pug, his name is Duke.

TBL: Are you still nicknamed “the fridge?”

TF: Yeah, that’s still the nickname. I was a big kid when I was a rookie so they just named me that because my hips were the same size as my shoulders. Not this summer though, I’m jacked man (laughs).

TBL: If you weren’t a hockey player, what would you be doing?

TF: Probably building houses, something construction like that.

TBL: What is your favorite thing to eat before a game?

TF: Chicken and pasta.

TBL: You’ve said the worst job you had was being a “rock picker” in Alberta? What exactly is a rock picker?

TF: You follow around a truck and try to find big rocks that can break the hose on the back of tractors. You just take them and throw them in the back of the truck. (laughing) It was brutal.
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