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Lightning Foundation Grant Spotlight: Greater Orlando Council of AT&T Telecom Pioneers

by Erin Chenderlin / Tampa Bay Lightning
On April 23, the Lightning Foundation awarded grants to 16 local organizations totaling $120,500 at the Community Awards and Donor Recognition Reception. Grant applicants were asked to detail their organizations and give a proposed program or project, along with a description of how it qualifies under the Lightning Foundation's funding guidelines. The Foundation's Board of Directors selected the 16 organizations. is profiling each of the organizations and the grant they received. Check back daily for a new organization and see how the Lightning Foundation is truly fulfilling its mission to make Tampa Bay a better place to live, work and play.

Greater Orlando Council of AT&T Telecom Pioneers

The Lightning Foundation has teamed with Telecom Pioneers to bring a new way of learning into local community classrooms.

Thanks to a continuing grant awarded by the Lightning Foundation at its end of the year ceremony, the Greater Orlando Council of AT&T Telecom Pioneers will be able to purchase two smart boards and their coordinating accessories to be placed in elementary school classrooms for the hearing impaired.

"We received an absolutely incredible response the first time we did this," said Josh Meyer, president of the Greater Orlando Council. "We try to target schools that don't have the means to provide these for themselves."

Smart boards are electronic-touch sensitive and are used for e-learning. The goal of this project is not only to help with the education process for these deaf children, but to make a difference in their lives by making the learning process faster and easier.    Telecom Pioneers is the largest industry-related volunteer organization in the world. Current and retired telecommunications employees who strongly support education have joined together to make their communities a better place.

"This all started as an idea, and now it’s a tangible, concrete thing that many, many people can see and benefit from," Meyer said. "It's good to see it all happen; that is for sure." 

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