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Inside the Lightning: Martin St. Louis to debut Thurs

Join Fox Sports Sun as it tells the story of Tampa Bay's hockey legend on Inside the Lightning: Martin St. Louis

by Press Release / Fox Sports Sun

Inside the Lightning: MSL Preview

Martin St. Louis: Inside the Lightning

Fox Sports Sun presents Inside the Lightning: Martin St. Louis on Thursday night after the Lightning-Panthers game

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On Thursday, Jan. 26 at 10:30 p.m., FOX Sports Sun, the regional television home of the Tampa Bay Lightning, will premiere an all-new episode of "Inside the Lightning" upon conclusion of the Lightning vs. Florida Panthers game. "Inside the Lightning: Marty St. Louis" presents an all-access look at the Tampa Bay legend in light of his recent jersey retirement by the franchise.

For 13 seasons, Martin St. Louis helped lead the Tampa Bay Lightning, as the heart and soul of the franchise. In this episode of "Inside the Lightning," Marty reflects on his NHL journey, the people who helped him along the way and the honor of being the first number retired in Lightning franchise history. Marty's career statistics, which can be found below, are just a part of the story as he sits down with us to discuss his journey:

365 Goals (2nd All-time)

972 Games Played (2nd All-Time)

300 Power Play Points (1st All-Time)

64 Game-Winning Goals Scored (Franchise Leader)

28 Short-handed Goals (Franchise Record)

588 Assists (All-Time Leader)

953 Points (Franchise Leader)

Hart Memorial Trophy

Lester B. Pearson Award

Art Ross Trophy (x2)

Lady Byng Trophy (x3)

2004 Stanley Cup Champion

Join us on FOX Sports Sun and FOX Sports GO as we debut the "Inside the Lightning: Marty St. Louis," and be sure to follow @FOXSportsBolts on Twitter and visit for channel listings and exclusive Bolts video coverage.

Re-Air Schedule: 

Thu                 1/26/17                     10:30 PM      

Fri                   1/27/17                       2:30 PM      

Sun                1/29/17                       6:30 PM      

Mon                1/30/17                       8:30 AM      

Tue                 1/31/17                            3 PM      

Tue                 1/31/17                     11:30 PM      

Thu                 2/02/17                       1:30 PM      

Thu                 2/02/17                     10:30 PM      

Sat                  2/04/17                     12:30 PM      

Mon                2/06/17                       8:30 AM      

Mon                2/06/17                            6 PM      

Tue                 2/07/17                            3 PM      

Tue                 2/07/17                       7:30 PM      

Tue                 2/07/17                      11:30 PM      

Wed                2/08/17                       8:30 AM      

Wed                2/08/17                            4 PM      

Wed                2/08/17                             6 PM      

Wed                2/08/17                       7:30 PM      

Fri                   2/10/17                             4 PM      

Sat                  2/11/17                      10:30 PM      

Mon                2/13/17                              8 AM      

Mon                2/13/17                         5:30 PM      

Mon                2/13/17                             9 PM      

Tue                 2/14/17                            11 AM      

Tue                 2/14/17                            10 PM      

Wed                2/15/17                             9 AM      

Thu                 2/16/17                         6:30 PM      

Fri                   2/17/17                         3:30 PM      

Sat                  2/18/17                       11:30 PM      

Sun                2/19/17                            11 AM      

Mon                2/20/17                          8:30 AM      

Tue                 2/21/17                               9 AM      

Tue                 2/21/17                          6:30 PM      

Wed                2/22/17                              6 PM      

Thu                 2/23/17                             11 PM      

Fri                   2/24/17                               9 PM      

Sat                  2/25/17                             12 PM      

Sat                  2/25/17                             10 PM      

Sun                2/26/17                               6 PM   

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