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Bolts on Break: Jeff Halpern

by Lonnie Herman / Tampa Bay Lightning

Jeff Halpern (middle) on vacation with family and friends at Deep Creek, Maryland.

Pretty boring.
That's what Jeff Halpern would have you believe about his off-season. Not much doing. Just hanging out.
"I spent about 10 days in Tampa after the season and then heading for my off-season home in Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C.," Halpern explained.
And what has he been doing?
"Not much," Halpern said. "I like to stick close to home."
Until you get to the details – and then there was a trip to New York City, hitting a few restaurants and walking around Greenwich Village, or the trip to Montreal for a few days.
Not too mention a six-day trip to Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel.
"I enjoy Vegas," Halpern said. "I kind of had the best of both things because I was there for National Hockey League Players Association meetings so I was with a bunch of hockey guys and then stayed a few extra days for fun. That was a pretty good trip."
But beyond that, he hasn't been doing much.
Of course, in August, Halpern's got a major trip planned. He's just not certain where he's going yet.
"It's either Ireland or Spain," Halpern said. "I haven't nailed that one down yet."
Halpern's been to Ireland, once, when his high school soccer team traveled to Galway.
"I loved it," Halpern explained. "Every game we played was in the rain and had a great feel about it. It was a great experience"
Of course, going as a tourist now would be great. And then, there's Spain.
"Lying on the beach in Spain right before getting geared up for the season might be nice, too," Halpern said. "I think I've got to flip a coin in the next week or so and figure that one out."
Not a bad choice either way. And you've got to figure that Halpern loves Europe, right?
"No," Halpern said with a laugh. "I hate Europe."
He's been there a lot for hockey stuff, he explained, but mostly to the European Bloc nations.
"Oh, I've had a good time there actually," Halpern explained. "But I want to see Italy, the South of France, Spain and Greece; those kind of places."
But beyond that, as he'll tell you, Halpern isn't doing too much.
Not too much at all.
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