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Best of the Web: Week of June 8-15

by Peter Pupello / Tampa Bay Lightning

The Boys Of Summer…

A big congrats goes out to the Tampa Bay Lightning’s top AHL affiliate, which won the Calder Cup last week in seemingly effortless fashion, as it completed a four-game sweep of the Toronto Marlies.

Following the victory, several of the parent club’s top prospects indulged in a Tweet fest thanking all of their loved ones, including family members, teammates and coaches.

Among the most tear-jerking entries manifesting the most affection:

From Tyler Johnson (@tjohnny09): “The most amazing team I’ve been part of. It’s been special this year. Love you all!! So lucky and blessed to be here.”

From Alex Picard (@alexpicard09): “You guys are amazing!! Never gonna forget this special year!”

From Cory Conacher (@conhockey19): “Made life-long memories with life-long friends and managed to get the Calder Cup Trophy while doing so. Thank you to my family and friends who came out to watch.”

And finally, from Keith Aulie (@kaulie59), who simply put: “This pic says it all…

A job well done, indeed.

Lords Of The Rink…

A nice story coming out of Los Angeles, and one that does not involve Lindsay Lohan trying to get back on the right side of the law again.

No, this one instead has to do with a devoted fan of the recently-crowned Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings (you see what I just did there?) and the display of class he exhibited when he honored the late Mark Bavis and Garnet “Ace” Bailey by placing a 2012 Kings Stanley Cup champions hat next to their names on the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial in New York City.

Both Bavis and Bailey were Kings scouts at the time when each boarded United Flight 175, that ultimately crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Kings fan Dave Krasne, who lives in New York city, thought of the two scouts when the Kings won the Cup, and decided it wasn't right that they miss Thursday's Stanley Cup celebrations.

He also offered this Tweet:

“May Mark Bavis and Ace Bailey finally RIP.”

It was certainly a nice gesture, and one I’m sure was much appreciated by both Bavis and Bailey’s respective families.

You can check out the photo and full story here for yourself.

Weekend Where?...

As I stated last week, I have a soft spot for Photshopped renderings of all things combining the Lightning and pop culture.

So, here we go with the latest, courtesy of’s good friends over at

With all the off-season talk about the Bolts going after a bona fide starting goaltender, it seems as if one in particular has suddenly risen to the forefront of the conversation.

The only trouble is that currently, he may or may not be living it up on the shores of some Long Island beach house in The Hamptons. After all, the guy did just win a Stanley Cup.

But where is this going, you ask? Well, check this out.

That of course is a superimposed mock-up of Lightning head coach Guy Boucher, general manager Steve Yzerman and what appears to be a lifeless corpse of Los Angeles Kings backup goaltender Jonathan Bernier. As the title implies, the so-called “Weekend At Bernier’s” is referring to none other than the upcoming NHL Draft weekend.

Now I’m sure that with the offseason comprising the NHL Awards Show, the NHL Draft and the rapidly approaching free agency period, Yzerman and Boucher will certainly be in need of a vacation, but maybe one that has an outlook more like this.

Heyyyy, How You Doin’?...

Winning a Calder Cup championship apparently has a tendency to loosen guys up and allow them to just have fun following the conclusion of a long rigorous AHL schedule.

Now, I’m not exactly saying that’s what’s happening here, but it’s possible. That, or maybe Nacho Labrie as he is called, is just paying back lost wages to teammate Alex Killorn.

Either way, we have ourselves a funny picture, yet another uncanny resemblance to Alan from the Hangover, and one ridiculous looking fourth-line winger with an irresistible, yet charming French accent.

Until Next Time…

Al Gore’s invention you and I know as the Internet has served us well yet again. So, if you feel so inclined, send a link over to @TBLightning on Twitter with any off-the-wall Lightning content you come across, and we’ll try to feature it in upcoming editions of “Best Of The Web.”

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