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The Bolts Score With Reading program presented by Spectrum is designed for children in first grade classrooms, to encourage students to read at least an additional 25 minutes per day, during the designated reading period, to help make reading a habit and part of their daily routine. This annual program is now easily facilitated through myON and assists students in becoming "all-star" readers with tiered reading goals and the ability to win great prizes! ThunderBug and Lightning personalities will be on a reading "power play" to reinforce the importance of literacy throughout this campaign.

The process is simple! The "score" of minutes read during the designated time-period is kept and verified through myON, and students are rewarded with prizes upon program completion. Teachers and Media Specialists are also acknowledged for their embracement of the program and for their students reaching group milestones. Additionally, top performing schools and classrooms will receive group prizes.

How the Program Works

  1. As the campaign nears, schools will receive the materials listed below:
    • Digital Score With Reading promotional poster
  2. Guardians/students log into myON on March 26, 2018 for the Bolts Score With Reading Face-off
  3. The student reading period will occur for the consecutive weeks running March 26 - April 30, 2018; students' minutes read will be tracked through myON
  4. Students will receive prizes for reaching individual reading milestones within the period as follows:
    • Read 500 minutes = Score With Reading water bottle
    • Read 1,000 minutes = Score With Reading water bottle AND drawstring bag
  5. The top five (5) schools with the most average minutes read wins! All (five-5) of the top schools will receive a ThunderBug Reading (Pep) Rally. From each of those top five (5) schools, the first grade classroom Teacher with the most average minutes read by their students, they and the Media Specialist will receive a $250 gift card to Lakeshore Learning (Teacher) and $250 gift card to Barnes & Noble (Media Specialist). Additionally, each classroom with the most average minutes read in the top five (5) schools will also be rewarded at their school with a visit, including a Lightning personality attending and involving Lightning Street Hockey.   
  6. The items listed below will be distributed following the reading period being completed:
    • Achievement certificate
    • Student prizes
    • School/ class visits and Teacher/Media Specialist gift cards

Happy reading… we can't wait to see the minutes logged in 2018! This information can be found on and for any questions, please feel free to contact the Tampa Bay Lightning Community Relations team at or 813.301.6832.

THANK YOU for your participation!