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Let's Make Some Noise!

Save April 23 as date for 'Science of Sports & Entertainment' panel on New Arena's home-ice advantage, top musical acts

by Mike Gastineau

Seattle fans are pumped to glide back into winter professional sports when the New Arena at Seattle Center opens in 2021. And many are equally excited about what they will hear inside the new venue.

Michael Wansley, aka Wanz or TeeWanz, certainly fits that description.

Wanz, who won double 2014 Grammys for Best Rap Song and Performance for the Macklemore song "Thrift Shop," is Seattle-born and glad the brand-new home arena's punch list features great sound and acoustics as a top priority.

The acoustics priority? Not always in place when Wanz was on world tour with Macklemore.

"I saw many older venues [that needed to be retrofitted with] speaker and video panel upgrades," he says.

The most popular performers all want to play in arenas offering "top-notch clarity, power and quality" of the acoustics and video show, says Wanz.

Wanz will appear on an April 23 panel discussion about the technology of sound and acoustics as part of the "Science of Sports and Entertainment" series hosted by the Pacific Science Center, NHL Seattle and the Oak View Group. The panel includes Brian Elwell, senior consultant and vice president with Idibri and lead sound/acoustic engineer on the New Arena project. Don Graham, the vice president of events for OVG, will also join.

The panel will cover cutting-edge acoustics and how to achieve crowd noise to make the New Arena the NHL's loudest. Let's just say Seattle fans have set a high bar.

Based on years of aural evidence from different sports in several buildings around Seattle, the city's NHL fans will be up to the challenge. The "Field of Dreams" baseball movie with Kevin Costner suggested "if you build it, they will come." In Seattle it's more like, "if you build it, and they play sports in it, we will come and we will be heard."

Attend April 23rd and get the first word on how the New Arena at Seattle Center will empower Seattle fans to continue their long tradition of being an extra member of the team every game, every night. Tickets for the evening are $10 for the general public and admission is free for Pacific Science Center members. The panel starts at 7 p.m. and there is reception with drinks and light refreshments at 6 p.m.

Tickets and more information here.

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