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Tweets of the Game: Winning 2/23

Sometimes the games played off the ice are more entertaining the game on the ice

by Emily Griganavicius @LAKings /

The LA Kings may have lost on the ice, but at least they didn't get savagely burned on Twitter.

Tweet from @PeteBlackburn: @LAKings sup

Tweet from @LAKings: @PeteBlackburn Nice of your parents to let you use their office.

Tweet from @PeteBlackburn: @LAKings

Don't worry though, Pete, they still love you...

Tweet from @PeteBlackburn: ���I only date tall guys"

Tweet from @PeteBlackburn: When you think she���s smiling at you but you���re standing next to her friend

...and one day, you'll find a special someone to love you, too.

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