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Tweets of the Game: Third Period Turnaround

The LA Kings scored three goals in six minutes to turn the game around, but the Tampa Bay Lightning struck in the shootout

by LA Kings @LAKings /

It was a whirlwind of a day as the trade deadline arrived. 

Tweet from @OscarFantenberg: It���s been a crazy day. Just wanna take a moment and thank all players staff and the whole organization of @LAKings for the opportunity making my dream come true. It���s been a pleasure playing in front of u fans in LA!

Tweet from @reuben81691: Now that the trade deadline is over let���s get a win tonight! @LAKings 👏👑 #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @efarina2: A good night for tv...the @LAKings are on @NBCSN so I get to see the game! Yea!! #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @bonanzaplace: Game the #LAKINGS #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @JoelLeon1414: Beat the bolts! #GoKingsGo

*don't give them a power play*
*don't give them a power play*
Oh look, a Tampa Bay Lightning power play.

Tweet from @DontLookItsRyan: Oh boy. That didn���t take long. Here we go. 😶 #GoKingsGo


Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions 👀

Tweet from @SaltyMofoBeach: Oh, hey 8th loss in a row! 😢 #sigh #GoKingsGo #LAKvsTBL

Tweet from @DontLookItsRyan: Brodzinski seems to integrate well into the lineup right now! #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @davolites: Atta Boys K-Chucky & Toffoli so far this period - keep it up and we crack this nut 👍#GoKingsGo

Tweet from @dkhb92649: Getting some good looks. Now bury one!! #GoKingsGo

We have good news and bad news...

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: Good news- Tampa Bay hasn���t scored any more goals... but neither have the @LAKings 😢😢😢 #gokingsgo

Tweet from @SunSuzSunTzuing: Scoring is the idea boys. Get to it! #GoKingsGo

Alex Iafallo, our hero.

Video: LAK@TBL: Iafallo knocks the puck past Vasilevskiy

Tweet from @CryinHayward: Smart play by Wagner to shoot knowing it would set up a rebound for Iafallo. Strong game for him. #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @AugieRunGood: Iafallo cuts the #GoBolts lead in half! #LAKings trail 2-1... #GoKingsGo #NHL #LAKvsTBL

Jonny Brodzinski is BACK in a big way.
Tie game.

Video: LAK@TBL: Brodzinski cashes in on Leipsic's setup

Tweet from @purelypoison_: BRODZINSKI TIES IT! 🙈 lets goooooo boys!! #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @jimmyboyt: Welcome back Brodzinski!!! TIES IT UP!!! @LAKings #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @EricRod30746277: AHHH LETS GOOOOO #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @jovikat: That Brodzinski goal...that's #LAKings hockey we know & love! #GoKingsGo @LAKings

Third goal in six minutes!
Austin Wagner, everyone.

Video: LAK@TBL: Wagner scores off Lewis' crafty feed

Tweet from @purelypoison_: WAGSSS!!! woah! 🤯 @LAKings take the lead 3-2! #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @bonanzaplace: @LAKings that is beautiful #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @_ErickOrellana: WHO ARE THESE GUYS?!?!? 2 GOALS IN 36 SEC. AND 3 IN 6 MIN. #LAKings #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @ls1228: There���s #NoQuit in the @LAKings I L������VE! In under 5 minutes it���s gone from 2-0 ������ to 3-2 Kings #GoKingsGo

In the blink of an eye, the Lightning strike again.
To overtime we go. 

Tweet from @_naataaliee: MADE IT HOME IN TIME FOR OT yikes @LAKings

Tweet from @PJHughes45: If you don���t believe in miracles just have a look at the @TBLightning @LAKings score

Tweet from @donholio: This might be the best the LA Kings have played this year. Giving TBL a fight.

Tweet from @eringofinnegan: Watching this shootout like ... #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @JCGflyTastykake: Tough loss for the LA Kings. They gave TBL a serious run for their money.

The Kings will end their road trip against the Carolina Hurricanes tonight at 4 pm.
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