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Tweets of the Game: Thank You, Next (Season)

The LA Kings hit the jackpot against the Vegas Golden Knights on their last game of the season

by LA Kings @LAKings /

The LA Kings closed out the season with Fan Appreciation Night as they took on the Vegas Golden Knights.


Tweet from @_ErickOrellana: Last bit of @LAKings hockey until next season. Going to enjoy every second of it #IsItOctoberYet #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @mctclover: Last @LAKings home game of the season. And celebrating Kopi's 1000th. #GoKingsGo

I mean, that's definitely a theory.

Tweet from @sweeetshirley: Hoping that @DerekForbort trimming his beard is good luck @LAKings #GoKingsGO

We honored Anze Kopitar, who played in his 1000th NHL game this past Monday.

Tweet from @CamiAnnS: Congrats @AnzeKopitar. 1000 games is amazing! 🎉👑 #GoKingsGo! We ������you!

Tweet from @gnmpson: @AnzeKopitar Congratulations on your recent milestone. You are a class act. #1000games #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @deedeedott: Kopiiii 👏👏👏 ay ay capitan. @AnzeKopitar @LAKings #GoKingsGo @GustlTweets

Ilya Kovalchuk capitalizes on the breakaway and gives the Kings a 1-0 lead!

Video: VGK@LAK: Kovalchuk beats Fleury on a breakaway

Tweet from @SuttersRevenge: Kovalchuk creates the turnover, protects, wheels and scores. #NaturalGoalScorer @LAKings 1 @GoldenKnights 0. #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @Loyal2TheCrown: Wow what a play by Kovy. That was sick. And he acted like he���s done it 1000 times before. So dirty. #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @mctclover: Woooooohooooo! Kovalchuck gets us on the board 1st. What a feeling! #GoKingsGo

Jeff Carter keeps things rolling by pushing in a rebound to put the Kings up by two!

Video: VGK@LAK: Carter bangs in a rebound to double the lead

Tweet from @Kingsgifs: Carter gives the Kings a 2-0 lead with his 13th goal of the season!#VGKvsLAK #GoKingsGo #LAKings

Tweet from @edna94: Mr. Carter said let���s make it two and @LAKings increase the lead

Tweet from @KingsPapa1015: @LAKings Carts!!!!!!!!!!2-0 #GoKingsGo

Matt Roy gets in on the action too!

Video: VGK@LAK: Roy goes bar down after nice play from Brown

Tweet from @kimberlyrgreen: Matt Roy making things fun. 🎉 #LAKings

Tweet from @martini__shot: O🎉N F🎉I🎉R🎉E LA Kings!!! #GOALTHREE #GOKINGSGO #LAKings #CRUSHVEGAS 💕🏒🤘

Tweet from @erickwunart: Roooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! @LAKings up 3-0 over the Knights! #GoKingsGo


Tweet from @mctclover: Hockey hugs for the rookie. #GoKingsGo

We also saw an NHL debut tonight.
Welcome home, Blake Lizotte!

Tweet from @Kingsgifs: Lizotte in his 1st NHL game#VGKvsLAK #GoKingsGo #LAKings

Tweet from @Loyal2TheCrown: Lizotte is the one who knocks. #GoKingsGo

Who would win in a race between Lizotte, Austin Wagner, and Nikki Rae Robataille? 🤔

Tweet from @SteveTim_E: This kid Lizotte has some jets! #LAKings #Rookie

While the Knights netted two, no one paid any mind as we were all...a bit distracted.
Hockey Night in LA guest Bert Kreisher knows how to bring the belly laughs, literally.

Tweet from @Kingsgifs: Bert Kreischer distracting Doughty#VGKvsLAK #GoKingsGo #LAKings

Tweet from @SuttersRevenge: The Russian Bear comic is amazing. I love his body. @bertkreischer #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @PriceKari: @bertkreischer You are killing it at the Kings game!!! Doughty was grinning ear to ear and we were laughing so hard!! #gkg @LAKings

Tweet from @TheJordanMiller: Best for last. @bertkreischer on the glass at the @LAKings finale. 🤣🚨

Kopitar taps in a loose puck on the power play!

Video: VGK@LAK: Kopitar buries his first PPG of the season

Tweet from @mctclover: Kopi with the goal on his special night. Woohoo! #GoKingsGo #CaptainMyCaptain

Tweet from @Kingsgifs: Kopitar scores his 1st PPG of the season and Brown gives him the puck#VGKvsLAK #GoKingsGo #LAKings

Tweet from @Kingsgifs: #VGKvsLAK #GoKingsGo #LAKings

Kovalchuk hits the empy netter to secure the win!

Video: VGK@LAK: Kovalchuk hits the empty net to seal the win

Tweet from @RotoWireNHL: #GoKingsGo Ilya Kovalchuk: Tickles twine twice -

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: Kovi seals the @LAKings WIN with a ENG!! #gokingsgo

A 5-2 win was a great way to cap off our Fan Appreciation Night.

Tweet from @StormTrooper562: I didn���t win a free truck last night at the @LAKings game, but I did get free tickets & this awesome autographed jersey. Thanks @LAKings for allowing myself to be apart of a lifetime experience. Now to figure which players signed my jersey. #GoKingsGo #FanFest #LAKings #KOPI1000

Tweet from @shoshana_kay: After 33 years as a season ticket holder my father finally got a shirt off their back! #73 #LAKings congratulations dad! You sure deserved it. @LAKings @taffoli here���s to next year! #GOKINGSGO !!!

Tweet from @HalfpintCarrie: @LAKings @LAKingsPR @amartinez_27 @davejosephla thank you for last night! My husband @chrisgomar is still beaming from ear to ear! #GoKingsGo #LAKings

Tweet from @eringofinnegan: Me after tonight, waiting for the 2019-20 @NHL season. #gokingsgo

Tweet from @taylorcray32: I love u @LAKings

Tweet from @Sean_Taylor1132: As frustrating as this season was I���m gonna miss it #GoKingsGo #IsItOctoberYet

Tweet from @veronicaxxxooo: Dear @LAKings Thank you, see you in October 🖤 #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @VincentTataRMT: To say it was a tough season for my @LAKings is an understatement...but you stick with your team through thick and thin, so here���s to a great offseason and can���t wait till next year!#GoKingsGo

Tweet from @SDSportsGuy: Well @LAKings, the season was long and tough but I still and will always love you guys. We are one season closer to our next Cup. #GoKingsGo

Have a great summer, Kings fans! October cannot come soon enough ❤

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