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Tweets of the Game: Slumber Party Doubleheader

From Anaheim to Beijing, LA Kings fans pulled an all-nighter with us to watch our split squads play back-to-back games

by LA Kings @LAKings /

LA Kings v. Anaheim Ducks - Anaheim, California


Not even regular season and the new guy's already complaining.

Tweet from @alex_faust: The Kings squad in China walked the Great Wall. I'll probably do the same speed on the 405 Freeway to Anaheim tonight. See you there. ��������

Tweet from @dk_dodo: me - but this might happen...

Tweet from @rbnlaw: I did not know there was a @LAKings game tonight in Anaheim, and now I'm going to it.#GKG #Beer #Anaheim

Tweet from @adamhlavac: Hockey season is starting back up, so consider yourselves warned. #GoKingsGo

1st Period.

Tweet from @audreychittick: #gokingsgo oh #freewayfaceoff how we've missed you @LAKings

Tweet from @Biszmom: There is @LAKings hockey on my TV ��!!��������

Tweet from @hannahbrad: Hi @LAKings I missed you

Tweet from @betterxoff: Not even 15 minutes into the first period and there���s been two fights. I missed @LAKings Hockey so much.


Tweet from @LAKings: Endless high fives for Justin Auger's PPG! 1-0, LA Kings ��

Tweet from @Cha242: The Ontario Reign are beating the Ducks 1-0 at the moment. Nice!

2nd Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: Jack Campbell coming up big in goal tonight ��LA Kings up 1-0 in the 2nd period!

Tweet from @FreddyyMartinez: Only after the #GoKingsGo chants begin do the fans from Anaheim wake up & realize their team is playing. @LAKings

Ugh. Tie game.

Tweet from @FatsoTC: Bummer! @LAKings @GustlTweets

3rd Period.

Tweet from @tayler_breeann: Me checking the score @LAKings

The flow competition on the LA Kings is really heating up.

Tweet from @LAKings: Adrian Kempe might have some flow competition ��

Not going as planned ...

Tweet from @frozenroyalty: #LAKings get caught being spectators in their own zone. Five guys all flat-footed. Easy goal for ANA���s Hults.

Tweet from @OzOlvera: I give Ontario credit for staying with ANA tonight. Decent showing for team of AHL players and prospects v mostly NHL level team. #LAKings


Tweet from @LAKings: 1 game down, 1 to go,Stay up with us as the LA Kings play the Vancouver Canucks in Beijing, China at 12:30am PST.

Good thing it was preseason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tweet from @whitlextaylor: I hate losing to them! #LAKings

LA Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks - Beijing, China


Tweet from @LAKings: ����#NHLChinaGames

Yes, this is exactly what we did.

Tweet from @SANDWITCH36: The LA Kings just played in Anaheim and now they have to fly to Beijing to play a game in 3 hours... whoa...

Tweet from @Blablurn: Time to go to the Wukesong Arena in Beijing for todays @LAKings game!First time ever to watch teams from the NHL!

Tweet from @thalisourpuss: @Dodgers and @LAKings ain't gonna let me sleep.

Different continent, same awesome fans.

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: Here we go @lakings #lakings

1st Period.

Tweet from @lancetay: Game On! Go @LAKings Go!

Jeff Carter making people excited for 12:30 a.m. hockey.

Tweet from @_ErickOrellana: It's never too early/late for some @LAKings hockey!! Carter looks good with that "C" but tbh Carter always looks good #GOKINGSGO


Tweet from @LAKings: Trevor Lewis to Nick Shore! ����������������

Tweet from @pris232: .@LAKings 1-0!! Beautiful pass from Lewie to Shore! ������ @trevorlewis22 #LAKings

Tweet from @ZackaryM_: So tonight is the A actually for American?! @LAKings

Anotha one! 2-0, LA Kings.

Tweet from @NHL: A deep pinch results in another one and keeps the @LAKings rolling in China. #NHLChinaGames

Tweet from @scvrlit: 2-0 @LAKings ��

2nd Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: Hockey meets basketball in Beijing ��

Unimpressed. 2-1, LA Kings.

Tweet from @GustlTweets: How we all feel when Sven Baertschi scores.@LAKings 2 - Canucks 1 with 11:10 left in the second.

Tweet from @LAKings: Congrats to everyone in LA who made it to 2:30am! ��

Tweet from @CoasterMatt: Please @LAKings score some more goals in the third so we can wake up! #GoKingsGo #NHLChinaGames

3rd Period.

The LA Kings got you, Matt.

Tweet from @LAKings: It may be late in LA, but the excitement continues in Beijing. Tyler Toffoli hits one to the back of the net and makes it 3-1, LA Kings.

Tweet from @PushinWeight: Toff!!!!! ������ �� #LAKings @LAKings

So much dedication.

Tweet from @sweeetshirley: Got home from work in time to catch the 3rd period!!

... it all happened so fast.

Tweet from @tonyarose21: We were up 2-0 and are now tied with less than a minute. That's so LA Kings, it's not even funny. #NHLChinaGames

Tweet from @scvrlit: This tied game has me stressed now @LAKings

Tweet from @jimbarrero: Overtime at 3:28 am PT? Bring it on @LAKings


Tweet from @LAKings: Time to rally because we are going into OT!

Tweet from @scvrlit: OT @LAKings, we got this ����

Tweet from @deedeedott: and it���s the first SO of preseason. Well we gotta practice. Just wish it wasn���t at 3:40AM ��


Tweet from @LAKings: Jonny Brodzinski's game winning goal means that all fans in LA finally get some sleep ��

Tweet from @Hckeyguy25: @LAKings are 2-0 in China #LAKings #NHLChinaGames



Tweet from @LAKings: The LA Kings are still undefeated in China �� #NHLChinaGames

Tweet from @andylassner: Another @LAKings win in China. 3:47 am. Daddy���s going to sleep.

Tweet from @snorinef: I'm so proud of y'all @LAKings

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