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Tweets of the Game: [Shark] Tanked

The LA Kings couldn't hold onto their early lead against the San Jose Sharks last night

by LA Kings @LAKings /

Taking a break from the new Taylor Swift album to catch a hockey game? Us too. 

Tweet from @reuben81691: Can���t wait to see the @LAKings beat down on the Sharks tonight. �������� #GoKingsGo #BeatSJ #LAKings

Tweet from @JarrodLamb32: Kempe is back in the line tonight slotted between toffoli & pearson #LAKings

Tweet from @MistaWright36: Hey @LAKings I love you

Hey Mista, we love you too.

Tweet from @LAKings: Always focused. #GoKingsGo

On the board early thanks to Dustin Brown!

Video: SJS@LAK: Brown bats down Kopitar's shot for PPG

Tweet from @_ErickOrellana: 1-0 #LAKings thanks to Dustin Brown!!!!! #GOKINGSGO�� #LAKvsSJS 
Tweet from @MichellePinsky: BROWNIE!!!!!!#LAKings �� 1-0

Tweet from @Kingsgifs: Another look at Brown's tip-in goal.#LAKings #GoKingsGo #SJSharks #SJSvsLAK

There were with a few penalties ...

Tweet from @orphieus: The #LAKings Penalty Kill is so good that it makes the other team's Power Play look like a Kings Power Play, haha. ��

Tweet from @Lhultin: We didn���t score but that was a great PP. Jones was good - we taught him well. #LAKings

Tweet from @whitlextaylor: I���m not happy that Martin Jones stopped both of those opportunities #LAKings

Tweet from @mediachristian4: End of 1 at @STAPLESCenter - 1-0 #LAKings. Shots 8-4 LA. Big week for the club - 1st of 3 Pacific Division opponents between now and next Sunday in Vegas. #LAKvsSJS

2nd period and hopefully a 2nd goal.

Tweet from @Rod_Jmnz: Not going to lie the goalie play today from both @JonathanQuick32 and Martin Jones is impressive. Both @LAKings products what do you expect? #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @Robert_NJD: New @LAKings play by play guy @alex_faust is excellent.

Tweet from @LAKings: We regret to inform you that there will not be another one this year. Crossing our fingers for 2018 tho.

Tweet from @CryinHayward: The feeling you get when the @LAKings don't score during the McFlurry Minute.#GoKingsGo #LAKings

No dice ... yet.

Tweet from @hipchecked: My 3rd period wish list for the #LAKINGS, taking shots from the scoring area instead of passing the puck out of said scoring area. #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @BabyBlueMo: #LAKings How I feel after every Kings victory #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @teriyaki240: I don���t know what the @LAKings goal song is, but I thought it was bad-ass. I like it 10X more than the ���Get Ready For This��� that the @SanJoseSharks play. #SJSvsLAK #SJS24 #SJSharks #LAKings

Maybe we should go back to listening to Taylor Swift?

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Kings turn the puck over in the neutral zone. Several moments later, Goodrow's puck towards the net catches Ward's skate blade and redirects past Quick. 2-1 SJ, 7:10 left, 3P.

Tweet from @MarzyMartian: C'MON, KINGS!! #GoKingsGo!!! GET ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! @LAKings @BaileyLAKings

Tweet from @LARoyalArmy: Time is running out for Los Angeles. TV timeout with 4:41 left in regulation, trailing San Jose 2-1. #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @Skewlgal: No!!!!!!!!!!!! #LAKINGS @LAKings

Tweet from @LAKings: ��

The LA Kings will be back at STAPLES Center on Tuesday against the Vancouver Canucks.

Don't miss it.

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