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Tweets of the Game: #NHLChinaGames Edition

The LA Kings made history early this morning when they won the first ever NHL game in China

by LA Kings @LAKings /

Tweet from @_speckygit: gotta watch my la kings play am i righT

Wild? Seems normal to us.

Tweet from @betterxoff: Actually waking up a 4:30 AM to watch an @LAKings game live from China. Wild.

Tweet from @fonger96: Two hours until puck drop @Canucks @LAKings #ChinaGames

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: Go @lakings go!! #lakings #nhlchina

Tweet from @LAKings: Up and atom!The first ever NHL game in China starts at 4:30am PST. Tune in:📺 @NHLonNBCSports 💻

We're just trying to help you get your day started earlier.

Tweet from @TVMoody: Ok.... It's early @LAKings

Tweet from @el_ynaffit: I should be getting ready for bed but my @LAKings are playing right now. #priorities

Tweet from @VaniaNaranjo: Hockey Time!!! #LAKINGS (@ ������������������������������ Mercedes-Benz Arena in ������������, ������)

First Period.

Tweet from @Mr_P8n: Nothing like some early morning @LAKings hockey on my day off...

Tweet from @jamiemclennan29: Last time I played a Pro hockey game in China,the Goal judge was smoking & had an ashtray on boards,- same guy this time?? @LAKings @Canucks


Tweet from @ZekeDekes_19: Love how the crowd gets a rise out of almost every routine play made. 😂That's awesome!! @LAKings #LAKings #GoKingsGo

*cue Adrian Kempe's perfect hair flip*

Tweet from @NHLonNBCSports: The first @NHL goal in China goes to...@LAKings!#NHLChinaGames

Tweet from @LAKings: What a beauty ... and we aren't just talking about that first ever NHL goal in China. #NHLChinaGames

Umm, excuse us ... you missed Kempe's beauty of a goal?

Tweet from @DL05EE: Woke up to an @LAKings goal. And this is what happens when the @NHL has a preseason game in China

Hopefully, Emma Pearson was up and watching!

Tweet from @GustlTweets: Tanner Pearson makin' Emma proud again! @tannerjpearson And it's suddenly 2-0 @LAKings!

Tweet from @NHLonNBCSports: Tanner Pearson.Off to the races.2-0 @LAKings. 🚨

Tweet from @LAKings: 2-0 #LAKings lead after the first. Check it outGoal 1: 2:

2nd Period.

Tweet from @mediachristian4: 2nd period underway and the @lakings almost make it 3-0 early. #LAKvsVAN

We had forgotten what scoring multiple goals felt like.

Tweet from @deedeedott: 3-0 @LAKings. This is fun. Was worth to wake up so early. #NHLChinaGames #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @CatBelanger: Watching @LAKings game live at 6 in the morning is definitely a new one 😴🏒🥅 Tweet from @Rudedogg7777: Kings Up 3-1 Time to close this out boys. @LAKings @BaileyLAKings #GoKingsGo #ChinaGames #KingsHockey

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: 3-1 LA after 2. 🔥🔥 movement on the third goal. Clean PP faceoff win, all 5 players touch puck, Martinez one-timer:

3rd Period.

Tweet from @Cha242: Thank you internet for existing. I get to catch the 3rd period live at least. #CoffeeWithBob & @LAKings @NHL @NHLonNBCSports Tweet from @bruinrob11: I am seriously sad that I did not make it to Shanghai to see my @LAKings win over a billion new fans. #NHLChinaGames #gkg 🏒


Tweet from @braaaaddd_: @LAKings theres no school today and I coulda slept in but guess who's watching the game😉 

Anotha one!

 Tweet from @C_DUBYouKnow: Got up in time to see Pears go tweeners! 4-2 @LAKings

Guess dad got jealous and needed to join in on the fun ...

Tweet from @FreddyyMartinez: I miss empty net goals. But to be clear only when it���s the @LAKings who score them. #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @micheletsuzuki: ���������������������😍 Carter made my day! #LAKings #NHLJP

Tweet from @Blake_Kings94: Booom that's how it's done China 5-2 win @LAKings 

Tweet from @andylassner: Watching the @LAKings play in China has made my entire morning.

Postgame. 5-2, Kings win!

Tweet from @LAKings: Undefeated in China

Tweet from @vanillacoco143: I woke up to watch the @LAKings play the last 12 minutes of the first game and win! #GKG 💜🖤

Tweet from @FoxSportsWest: TFW when @LAKings WIN in China🙌 #NHLChinaGames @NHL @BaileyLAKings

Let us know if anyone needs a note for being late to school or work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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