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Tweets of the Game: Mishap in NYC 1/23

We turn to Twitter to see the real story of the LA Kings 3-2 loss against the New York Rangers

by Emily Griganavicius @LAKings /


Tweet from @LAKings: Getting limber.

Tweet from @stefaniereines: Oh baby. Let's do this!!! @LAKings ������

Tweet from @KT_Kerr: My 2014 Stanley Cup champions patch and I are pumped for the @LAKings game! GKG! LOL Rangies!

Tweet from @LAKings: Starting goaltender for tonight.

Tweet from @alliemegs: We are SO excited to be at MSG! Go Kings Go! @LAKings

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: #LAKings starters: Zatkoff, Muzzin-Doughty, King-Kopitar-Gaborik. Scratches are Greene, Gilbert, Dowd. Lundqvist goes for NYR.

1st Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: We���ll fight up close, seize the moment and stay in it.

Tweet from @hockeyoveryou: Kings first PP#LAKings

Tweet from @RobinR_84: THAT WAS CLOSE!!! #LAKings

At least it wasn't the first shot. 1-0, Rangers.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: McNabb puts a breakout feed in Shore's skates, and Pirri takes advantage, beating Zatkoff from the slot on New York's second shot. 1-0 NYR.

Tweet from @sirclinksalot: Well that sucked. @LAKings #LAKings #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @tylerfontaine13: Rangers: 2 SHOTS, 1 GOAL LA KINGS 10 shots, 0 GOALS @lakings #whatsnew

Tweet from @MiKaDiAnNe: Really.. #LAKings

Tweet from @dacovert: #LAKings playing much better today, goal isn't until 2nd SOG!

Tweet from @whitlextaylor: Setoguchi to the �� #lakings

Tweet from @LAKingsCrowned: Carter robbed again. #lakings #nhl #gokingsgo

Tweet from @LAKings: Current mood:

2nd Period.

Tweet from @GasperKopy13: #lakings

Tweet from @Mattys123: So many shots for no result for the Kings #LAKings

Tweet from @missenvy: #NaughtyNolan going to the box.. #LAKings

Tweet from @alexandria_nd: Come on guys! Score already!! #LAKings

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: Ping! ���� #LAKings

Whelp. 2-0, Rangers.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Quick Rangers transition after Kings turn the puck over with a stretch pass through the neutral zone. Stepan-to-Puempel on the 2-on-1. 2-0.

Tweet from @jimmyboyt: #lakings

Tweet from @deedeedott: 17 - 8 SOG #LAKings, yet we are losing 0-2...sigh...

Hopefully all those caps made them be able to hear you from the bench...


NOLAN!! 2-1.

Tweet from @LAKings: On the board as we finish this 2nd period. �� 2-1, Rangers.

Tweet from @TAINTEDLUVV: Nolan!! 2-1 #LAKings

Tweet from @aLMa_182: Thank you Jordan Nolan����!! #LAKings

Tweet from @PucksAndGrub: NOLAN? NOLAN! GO KINGS GO! #lakings #gokingsgo #roadwarriors

Tweet from @hamby_bo: Scoring chance in the 2nd period (& through 40): LA 9 (15), NYR 6 (10).SOG: LA 22, NYR 9. #LAKings down 2-1.

3rd Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: 3rd period starts now, but it's not too late to watch! Stream the game live with #FOXSportsGO:

Tweet from @aussiemily: For the love of fish fingers and custard the #LAKings can't even finish a power play without taking a penalty.

...3-1, Rangers.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Miller gets in the way of Zatkoff's pass in the right corner and feeds Zuccarello, who snipes from just to the right of the slot. 3-1 NYR.

Tweet from @julian_silagy: That's So Kings���#LAKings

Tweet from @lillahiker: Empty net. #LAKings

WE'RE BACK IN IT! ...not really...

Tweet from @LAKings: A goal with only 1.6 left in the 3rd period.

Tweet from @CmdrProteus: Hey, #LAKings just scored with 0.8 seconds left, they can score again to tie, right? Right???

Tweet from @ChristianAllen1: Oh cool, a goal. #LAKings

Final. 3-2, Rangers. 

Tweet from @LAKings: Next stop: New Jersey. @SASsoftware 

Tweet from @73safi: What did I say 3:2 league thanks #LAKings

Tweet from @MattDeBlasi: The #LAKings have been unbelievably frustrating lately. @LAKings

Tweet from @alliemegs: And watch as I melt into a puddle �� @GustlTweets Drew & your Pops are the nicest!

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