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Tweets of the Game: Kings of OT 1/14

We turn to Twitter to see the real story of the LA Kings 3-2 OT win against the Winnipeg Jets.

by Emily Griganavicius @LAKings /


Tweet from @LAKings: Glorious. Bid on these jerseys here:

Tweet from @RYDesignLA: #LAKings warming up in their old school #BurgerKing sweaters! #GKG

Tweet from @kevinyoung90: I AM IN LOVE �������� #LAKings

Tweet from @KelliReports: Cheering on our boys! #LAKings #GKG

Tweet from @LAKings: Kurri. ��

Tweet from @leftymo: Loved jari kurri! @LAKings Go kings go!!! Great memories... those early 90s is why I became a kings fan.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: #LAKings starters: Budaj, Forbort-Doughty, Gaborik-Kopitar-Lewis. Scratches: Greene, Gilbert, Andreoff. Hutchinson goes for #NHLJets.

1st Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: PUCK DROPPED.

Kopitar to Gaborik for a gorgeous goal! 1-0.

Tweet from @LAKings: The face of pure "YESSSSSS" on Gabbo.

Tweet from @TAINTEDLUVV: GO GABO!! 1-0 #LAKings

Tweet from @westcoasthky: Great pass from the captain to Gaborik and it is 1-0 #LAKings

Tweet from @likearitual23: What a pass by kopi and gabby goes top shelf! @lakings up 1-0

Tweet from @kevinyoung90: That play by Devin was so Gucci. #LAKings

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: PP!! #lakings

Tweet from @aussiemily: Ooh #LAKings power play coming up! 39 was holding Gaborik - don't worry, we all feel like doing that at some point dude.

Tweet from @CriminalCaboose: Those saves! #LAKings

The post is not our friend.

Tweet from @christinaaa_c: THAT FREAKIN POST MAN! #LAKings

Tweet from @simranmg: I think the posts are attempting to be one of the stars of the game!! @BaileyLAKings @LAKings @DarylEvans15

2nd Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: 2nd period underway! #GKG

Tweet from @Michelle_Pinsky: Ohhh Cliffy, that was a bad mistake #LAKings

Glad your boo doesn't disappoint.


Tweet from @micheletsuzuki: Who's PP is this...�� #LAKings

Tweet from @DanielDossey: Brownie to the box #LAKings

Tweet from @BenoUdrih1: Had to come and support my countrymen @AnzeKopitar while in LA! Let's go @LAKings !!! ����

Jets tie it. 1-1.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Both WPG PPs threatening. On the second, Perreault catches Stafford entering the ice from the bench. Receives pass, snipes short-side. 1-1.

Tweet from @Biszmom: Boo.... Bad guys get a goal.... #LAKings. ����

Tweet from @kayaubrianna: DONT TOUCH THE CARTER #LAKings

Tweet from @LA_hockey_chick: Reenactment of Carter..... #LAKings

Tweet from @julian_silagy: I thought this was supposed to be a Kings power play? It's been all Jets. #LAKings

3rd Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: tfw it's the 3rd period of an #LAKings game Stream the game now if you haven't yet:

Tweet from @jollywhiskey: STAAAAAAAAY OUT OF THE BOOOOOOOOOOX #LAKings

Tweet from @LAKingsCrowned: Carter can't bury a breakaway. #lakings #nhl #gokingsgo

Tweet from @CmdrProteus: Oh great, another #LAKings penalty. FUN! ��

Uh oh. Jets again. 2-1.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Byfuglien's PP wrister nicks Kopitar's skate, Budaj's glove, skips into the net. 2-1 Jets, mid-3P.

Tweet from @Selena_Castill0: #LAKings

Tweet from @laramsfan1966: Another post.#LAKings

BROWN. 2-2!

Tweet from @LAKings: "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" - Brown, probably

Tweet from @totallysorandom: BROWNIE!!!!!!!TIES IT UP #LAKINGS

Tweet from @el_ynaffit: WE HAVE THE TIED GAME. I REPEAT. A TIED GAME!!!!! #LAKings

Tweet from @jennoku: HOW WAS THAT NOT A GOAL?! @LAKings #lakings

We'll make sure to pass along the message...

Tweet from @inkprincess: If we could stop hitting the post, that would be great. #LAKings

Tweet from @karenluvssports: Hey Post..... #LAKings


Tweet from @LAKings: MAKE MAGIC BOYS. 3v3 OT.

Tweet from @MattDeBlasi: I'm just used to this by now. Bye bye to another 5 years off my life! Thank you @LAKings ! #LAKings


Tweet from @LAKings: The definition of teamwork.

Tweet from @xhorchatax: El Jefe clutch #LAKings #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @nefariousnanci: Oh Carter, my Carter! #LAKings win in overtime!

Final. 3-2, Kings.

Tweet from @LAKings: Five goals and JEFF CARTER SCORED THE OT WINNER. @SASsoftware

Tweet from @whitlextaylor: Dad wins the game! #LAKings


Tweet from @MattDeBlasi: As Marty says, Carts "buries the biscuit!" And the #LAKings win 3-2 in OT!!! @LAKings

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