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Tweets of the Game: Flames Heat Up a Rivalry

The LA Kings and Calgary Flames met for the first time since last season's intense match up and things haven't changed much

by LA Kings @LAKings /

A lot was up in the air. Would Jagr debut his silky lettuce? What would happen with Drew Doughty and Matthew Tkachuk?
So many questions.

Tweet from @MichellePinsky: Also, i���m SOOOOOO excited to see Jagr play!!! #LAKings #CGYvsLAK #JagrTime

Tweet from @whitlextaylor: I'm hoping that Andreoff is only in the lineup to keep Tkachuk in line #LAKings

Tweet from @hipchecked: Calling it now...Andreoff goes after Tkachuk and challenges him to drop the mitts. #LAKings

Tweet from @juneslili: Don't you dare lay a hand on Doughty. It won't fly. Not this time. #GKG

Oh, and we're still loving the new lights.

Tweet from @lillahiker: It's game time, #LAKings fam! #GoKingsGo

It was also Student Night and LA Galaxy night! 
If you missed it, fans received free LA Kings & LA Galaxy co-branded scarves and hats with their ticket purchase.  

Tweet from @LAGalaxy: First hockey game, first puck drop. ��Romain Alessandrini drops the ceremonial first puck at the @LAKings game:

Tweet from @beckycobos: @LAKings #gkg

Tweet from @AlliSilis: When it's student night at the @LAKings game, but you have too much homework to actually go #LAKings #CGYvsLAK

Tweet from @BuWaves: @LAKings with @pepperdine @LALIVE #GOKINGSGO #pepperdine #LAKings

Not off to a good start.

Tweet from @mediachristian4: Tkachuck���s goal at 3:56 1st also represents the first time this season the #LAKings have trailed in a game this season. #LAKvsCGY

Tweet from @GISKingsShow: Anyone but Tkachuk..... down 1-0 #GKG

Same, Christian. So same.

Tweet from @ChristianAllen1: I'm already tired of Matthew Tkachuk. #LAKings


Tweet from @Kingsgifs: Frolik(1) - ASST: Gaudreau(5), Brodie(3): #GoKingsGo #CofRed #CGYvsLAK

Tweet from @AndriaRazz: Neither of those goals were Quickie's fault btw #LAKings

Tweet from @Jollett: My face watching the Kings game right now #gokingsgo

Tweet from @KarynBryant: Enjoying these great seats at the #LAKings game... Though they're down 2-0 late in the 1st and the crowd is getting restless...

Tweet from @TrojanWarrior: Wow. The Kings can���t get any closer to scoring right now. #LAKings

Heading into the 2nd: 

Tweet from @LAKings: 2nd period starts now! #GoKingsGoTune in >

Tweet from @Cha242: Oh wow! Cliffy got smashed into the boards! Hope he's alright. #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @CynthiaInCali: Clifford heads straight to locker room, and Andy says ���DONT TOUCH MY CLIFFY!��� ����#LAKings on a kill tho

 Finally, with 4 minutes to go in the 2nd, Anze Kopitar finds the back of the net! 

Tweet from @C_DUBYouKnow: Kopi rings one! 1-2 @LAKings #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @kevinyoung90: OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @Kayleighauger: I love when the Kings play at home because all the celebrities go watch lol #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @aussiemily: #LAKings power play to close out the second. Smith comes behind his net and gets too entangled.

Definitely can't complain about this start to the third period ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tweet from @LAKings: Dustin Brown scored 2 goals since we tweeted that Will Ferrell gif. Pretty, pretty good.Let's check out the goal to make it 3-2 LA Kings.

Tweet from @BleedingBlue132: Kings have really turned it on now! Lots of offensive zone time. #GoKingsGo

Doughty and Tkachuk seemed to get along swimmingly. 

Tweet from @LAKings: Drew Doughty making post-game dinner plans with Matthew Tkachuk.

Tweet from @djosephbaldspot: I'll tell you what folks Mrs Doughty would not be happy if she heard what her son told Tkachuk tonight, not one bit


Tweet from @LAQueensHockey: Overtime, baby! @lakings got this!!! #GKG

Tweet from @PumperNicholl: "LA Kings pick up a point against the Calgary Flames."That's good!"But they lost in OT."That's bad."They are 2-0-1."That's good!

Didn't get to catch the whole game? Watch all of the highlights now!

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