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Tweets of the Game: Finally 2/22

We turn to Twitter to see the real story of the LA Kings 2-1 win against the Colorado Avalanche

by Emily Griganavicius @LAKings /


Tweet from @LAKings: Here come the boys.

Tweet from @elgordo4045: My boys forever #lakings

Tweet from @KelliIngraham: Please win tonight @LAKings ����

Tweet from @ctriplett_: Watching my favorite team @LAKings play in my new home town. I can officially cross that off my bucket list!!!

Tweet from @Mig190: @theroyalhalf @KingsMenPodcast Ready for the #LAKings

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: #LAKings starters: Budaj, Forbort-Doughty, King-Kopitar-Toffoli. Scratches: Andreoff, LaDue. Pickard goes for COL.

1st Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: Trapped in a glass case of emotion because you want to watch some hockey.

Tweet from @reconjerry: #LAKings power play, let's get it!

Tweet from @LAKings: �� Now, the party don't start 'til I walk in ��

Tweet from @tylerfontaine13: Killed off that penalty lickidy split.... @LAKings

Tweet from @RobinR_84: ��Going to the box again... #LAKings


Tweet from @kayaubrianna: Hey @LAKings, penalties are bad.

Tweet from @lillahiker: Great defensive play by Pearson. #LAKings

Tweet from @LAKings: Scoreless.

2nd Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: Second period underway! Stream the game right now:

Ugh. 1-0, Avalanche.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Rantanen steals puck from Doughty after Kopitar delayed a breakout, skates in alone on a breakaway, beats Budaj. 1-0 COL 32 seconds into 2P.

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: .... #LAKings

Tweet from @Michelle_Pinsky: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! #LAKings


Tweet from @LAKings: Not the prettiest goal, but A GOAL NONETHELESS. #WithGusto


Tweet from @Selena_Castill0: KEMPE GETS AN ASSIST #LAKings

Tweet from @Hawaii_77: Drew makes up for it...#LAKings

Only Toffoli can make slamming into the goal post adorable...

Tweet from @missenvy: Toffoli wanted to make sure he got the goal so he followed the puck into the net because he's adorable like that #LAKings #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @BaileyLAKings: Congrats to @adriankempe on his first @NHL point!

Tweet from @LAKings: HUGS: much softer than goal posts.

#TopLineTrevorLewis. 2-1, Kings.

Tweet from @LAKings: What a beauty.

Tweet from @TylerLAKings: LEWY OMG

Tweet from @julian_silagy: ����������������THE AMERICAN HERO ����������������#LAKings

Tweet from @whitlextaylor: The #LAKings are leading for the first time since the bye week

Tweet from @STALINSLAPSHOS: Lewis with a really sweet goal to take the lead! #GoKingsGo #LAKings

Must be hard to be an Avs fan this year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tweet from @LAKingsFanOC: Someone wasn't happy about that goal.

Tweet from @hamby_bo: Second period scoring chances (& aggregate): LA 6 (12), COL 8 (11).SOG: LA 25, COL 13. #LAKings lead 2-1 on goals from Toffoli, Lewis.

3rd Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: .@JonathanQuick32 practicing earlier today...

Tweet from @lillahiker: Budaj is busy at the beginning of this third period. #LAKings

Tweet from @frozenroyalty: #LAKings have been playing with fire since late in the 2nd period.

Tweet from @jeffdotseth: Not easy filling in for Bob Miller, but Ralph Strangis has done a great job on the @LAKings games.

Tweet from @whitlextaylor: Can we put one in the empty net, please? #LAKings


Final. 2-1, Kings.

Tweet from @LAKings: Thankily dankly, Budajly-doodle! ������

Tweet from @73safi: The #LAKings win a game! I feel like I'm being P'unked

Tweet from @LAK1NGS: I'll take the 2PTS @LAKings #LAKings

Tweet from @el_ynaffit: Finally TWO FREAKING POINTS #LAKings

Tweet from @Selinaaaaaj: Finally @LAKings �� 

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