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Tweets of the Game: Emotional Rollercoaster 1/09

We turn to Twitter to see the real story of the LA Kings 4-6 loss against the Dallas Stars.

by Emily Griganavicius @LAKings /


Tweet from @LAKings: That Doughty hair flow ��

Tweet from @mwilton13: Woohoo! Ask and you shall receive. More @wilw in my @LAKings hockey. Thanks @FoxSportsWest

Tweet from @DeborahReagan35: Here we go!!! GO KINGS GO @GustlTweets @LAKings @BaileyLAKings

Tweet from @Alex_Curry: Dustin Brown said the @LAKings need to be ready right from the get go to get 2 points tonight #GAMETime��: @FoxSportsWest ��: #FOXSportsGO

Tweet from @bennlacy: At my very first NHL game! @LAKings vs Stars.

Tweet from @FoxSportsWest: Welcoming @jarretstoll to the #KingsLive set tonight

Tweet from @Kingsgifs: It's hockey time! #LAKings #DALvsLAK

1st Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: Peter Budaj squaring off against Kari Lehtonen, who is always keepin' it .900

Tweet from @TrojanWarrior: Love Forbort's aggressiveness tonight. #LAKings

1-0, Stars.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: On a Dallas forecheck, Carter mishandles a puck, which allows Korpikoski to flick it in front to Ritchie, who beats Budaj, point blank. 1-0

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: Grrrrr... #lakings

Tweet from @laramsfan1966: What would an #LAKings game be if the opponent didn't score first?

Tweet from @megsauce: when the Stars score first #LAKings

2nd Period.

Tweet from @lillahiker: 2nd period starting. Let's get some goals. #LAKings

Tweet from @whitlextaylor: Oh, come on! Someone find the back of the net #LAKings

Tweet from @gardeniasnjazz: You're going to have to be Sharp-er than THAT to get that puck past Mr. Budaj ������#glovesave #LAKings #GKG

Tweet from @Biszmom: Budaj would like some support I'm guessing... #LAKings

2-0, Stars.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Kings mishandle the puck in their own zone, leading to a Seguin chance from the slot that deflects up and flutters over Budaj, in. 2-0.


Tweet from @Cap_N_Crunch14: That Stars goal scored by Phil Mickelson with a 60 degree sand wedge.#LAKings

Tweet from @RobinR_84: Someone? Anyone... In the Black and White jersey! #LAKings

Tweet from @Michelle_Pinsky: Bad Muzzchop!!! #LAKings

Finally the right team. 2-1.

Tweet from @LAKings: A beautiful Shore-handed goal.

Tweet from @mctclover: YASSSSS! Shorthanded! Sa-weet!#LAKings

Tweet from @slg728: What a SHOREty ���� @LAKings

Again. 3-1, Stars.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Stars reestablish two-goal lead. Faceoff goal. Faksa wins it, Sharp pushes it back to Oleksiak, who unloads with traffic in front. 3-1.

Tweet from @hockeyoveryou: Stars 3-1#LAKings

Tweet from @hamby_bo: Scoring chances in the 2nd period (& total): LA 8 (11), DAL 6 (9).SOG: LA 22, DAL 19. #LAKings down 3-1 heading into the 3rd.

3rd Period.

Tweet from @julian_silagy: Doughty with a HUGE hit! #LAKings

Tweet from @geektrooper: Lets get one goal back early boys! #LAKings #DALvsLAK

Brown! 3-2.

Tweet from @LAKings: This was a nice goal. For a minute.

Tweet from @805jaemoney: @LAKings goal !!

That was fun while it lasted...4-2, Stars.

Tweet from @MissSarah_2: Guys @LAKings ����

Tweet from @fateempathy13: @LAKings i cant take this emotional roller coaster


Tweet from @LAKings: ANZE. KOPITAR.

Tweet from @_naataaliee: KOPPPPPPPIIIIIII #LAKings

Tweet from @MattDeBlasi: KOPI FINALLY SCORES!!!!!!!!! #LAKings

Doughty ties it!! 4-4.

Tweet from @LAKings: Drew Doughty with a rocket to tie the game, 4-4....oh. ugh.

Tweet from @LAKingsCrowned: OMG!!!!! 4-4! #lakings #nhl #DALvsLAK #gokingsgo

Tweet from @19Lak11: @JDStylz_ @makeway4kings #LAKings Drewwwww!!!

Tweet from @timlopez: THIS GAME IS BANANAS! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!! �� #LAKings #DALvsLAK #GKG

Whelp. 5-4, Stars.

Tweet from @frozenroyalty: Budaj gets caught out of his net and #DallasStars capitalize. #Ugly #LAKings

Tweet from @TheMouthLAKings: This game is not real. It can't be. #LAKings

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Jeff Zatkoff now in goal for LA. Budaj 17/22. Both starters out of the game.


Whelp x2. 6-4, Stars.

Tweet from @aussiemily: Ugh never mind. Stars get the empty net. Still 52 seconds to play but that's the #LAKings game. Doughty is pretty mad.

Finals. 6-4, Stars.

Tweet from @LAKings: Ten goals, and somehow, Jeff Carter didn't score one of them. @SASsoftware

Tweet from @DanielDossey: I cheered way too hard to feel this sad right now. #LAKings

Tweet from @christinaaa_c: The #LAKings caught the case of the Mondays and fell short to Dallas ��


Tweet from @lisawalder925: At least I got this. #LAKings  

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