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Tweets of the Game: Alex Faust's Debut

Faust jinxes shutout, LA Kings win 4-1 in preseason game against Coyotes

by Robyn Dutton @dutts_10 /

It was the LA Kings' second home pre-season game of the year... and Alex Faust's first ever game as the new TV play-by-play announcer. On and off the ice, things got a little heated last night as the LA Kings took on the Arizona Coyotes. 

Tweet from @kingsofhockey: I saw the #LAKINGS attempt more one timers tonight than 82 combined games last season. It was damn sexy

Tweet from @ScottKinville13: I know it's only preseason, but man the #LAKings are playing with some swagger. I like it

  Speaking of swagger...

Embed - Twitter: Tweet from @LAKings: I mean, come on... Come on.

 New season, who dis? 
Period 1:

Tweet from @westcoasthky: #LAKings players emphasize more relaxed atmosphere under new regime

Tweet from @LAKings: Drew Doughty with one good-looking goal to give the LA Kings the 1-0 lead!

Tweet from @LAKings: .@alex_faust's first ever goal call is a beauty.

Tweet from @C_DUBYouKnow: Late Goal! Marty to Cammalleri! 2-0 @LAKings

Safe to say, Alex Faust is going to fit in very nicely here.
He's got a 99% fan-approval rating. 

Tweet from @MelPowell: Hey, you're the key to the offense, we're averaging 4.0 GPG since you started calling games. #analytics #LAKings

Tweet from @reuben81691: Great job in your debut tonight @Alex_Faust and to top it off @LAKings got a win to complete the night. �������������� #GoKingsGo #LAKing

Tweet from @jimbarrero: You were great on the telecast Alex... looking forward to listening to you all season. #LAKings

Tweet from @Davidenkness: @alex_faust Congrats on a great debut! Next time, though, don't jinx the shutout! @LAKings Teach the kid about superstition.

Tweet from @GregZNewcomb: As a grammar nerd, I appreciate that our new announcer used both "penultimate" and "unabated" tonight. Thanks @alex_faust! #LAKings

Tweet from @AndriaRazz: I love @alex_faust & @JimFox19 back and forth so much right now haha Gonna be a fun season with you 2! #LAKings

And then there was the second period intermission Q+A, where things got weird. 

Embed - Twitter: Tweet from @LAKings:  

Embed - Twitter: Tweet from @LAKings: Makes a great crop top tho.*pictures @theroyalhalf in a crop top**pours hot coffee directly onto eyes*

Tweet from @LAKings: Neither?

The Kings capitalized on their offensive opportunities in the third.

Tweet from @LAKings:

Tweet from @JDrizzle8: Again, I know its the preseason but still love the offense my #LAKings are showing thus far...

Tweet from @LAKings: Death. Taxes. Jeff Carter goals.3-0 LA Kings. Seriously, we really like this whole "offense" thing.

Tweet from @Kingsgifs: Overhead view of Cammalleri's tip-in goal#LAKings #Coyotes

Tweet from @hockeyoveryou: Coyotes goal#LAKings

Embed - Twitter: Tweet from @FoxSportsWest: Liking what we're seeing out of Mike Cammalleri! @LAKings @Alex_Curry #NHL

The LA Kings finish with a 4-1 win over the Arizona Coyotes.
We're just as pumped as Martinez.

Tweet from @LAKings: We've missed you so much, Alec Martinez ������������������

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