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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Martin Flores had three goals and four assists - factoring in on seven of Turtle Stars' eight goals - to lead his team to an 8-3 victory over Mayhem in the Kings Inline Series Tournament Final continued on Aug. 19 at the East Valley YMCA. Photo Gallery

The Turtle Stars finished the tournament a perfect 4-0 with a 14-1 win over the Grizzlies in Round 1, a 7-1 win over Mission in Round 2 and winning in Round Three due to a forfeit. For their efforts, all members of the Turtle Stars received $50 gift certificates to and a 100-Level ticket to the Kings vs. Ducks preseason contest on Sept. 15.

The Turtle Stars were composed of Flores, Anthony Flores, Feff Rood, Rob Cagachion, Waldo Ugarte, Mike Batra, Brian Dasaro, Joel Vargas, and Casey Hanke.

Mayhem, meanwhile, advanced to the Final by virtue of an 8-0 shutout in the first round of the Predators, a 6-3 win over the Tour Katz in Round Two and a 10-2 defeat of Mission to advance to the Final. For finishing in second, each member of Mayhem will receive $25 gift certificates to and a 300-Level ticket to the Kings vs. Ducks preseason game on Sept. 15.

Mayhem was composed of Mike Holmes, Brady Riggs, Rob Salzman, David Sanderson, Leonard Elick, Daryl Fike, who had two assists in the final, Jay Sandoval, Glen Sweet and Will Sweet.

First Round Scores:
Predators 0 vs. Mayhem 8
Brewbank 1 vs. Wednesday Night 2
Grizzlies 1 vs. Turtle Stars 14
Mission 4 vs. On The Fly 3
Tour Katz 4 vs. Thrashers 3

Second Round Scores:
Grizzlies 8 vs. Wednesday Night 6
Tour Katz 3 vs. Mayhem 6
Thrashers 7 vs. Predators 1
Mission 1 vs. Turtle Stars 7
On The Fly 4 vs. Brewbank 5

Third Round Scores:
Predators (forfeit) vs. Turtle Stars (win)
Mayhem 10 vs. Mission 2
Brewbank 6 vs. On The Fly 1
Wednesday Night 7 vs. Tour Katz 6
Grizzlies 4 vs. Thrashers 7

Turtle Stars 8 vs. Mayhem 3.

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