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Transcipt of Lombardi Interview on Sturm Deal

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
So this time it’s official. It’s the real deal?

Ya but it’s still very much contingent on the physical. Usually when you say physical it’s a formality but this one is real. It’s why there’s been an extended time period on this one. There’s still a significant hurdle here.

Will you put Marco Sturm through more intense stuff then you normally would with another player?

The MRI, since it was a knee injury in the past. The old one didn’t effect him when he played in the playoffs last year but you got to look at both of them. You’ve got to look at everything like an MRI and a strength test and everything else. He’s got to be put through the rigors.

Will he come to LA for that?

Yes, that’s one of the things that made it kind of awkward. Doctors can talk and exchange videos and everything but there’s no substitute for our own doctors. So he’s flying here tomorrow.

If the doctors clear him will he play on the road trip?

It’s conceivable if everything was to line up but I think it’s safer to say closer to Christmas. Until our doctors see him, we won’t know. With what we’ve seen up to this point, it’s a reasonable assumption that if what we see matches what we find out Monday or Tuesday he could play before Christmas.

This is a guy you’ve known for a while, what makes him a good fit for this club?

There are a lot of things. We found out Parse was going to be done. I had been looking through some things and found out about Parse. It’s really hard to find deals early in the year, there isn’t a lot happening out there. We started looking at this four weeks ago that this was a possibility as well as looking at our other options. This was clearly our best option. Sturm is a solid guy, he can play with good players, and assuming his knees are good we know he brings a lot of speed and he plays hard. I think he can do a lot of things for us. It keeps our flexibility. His contract doesn’t take us out of pursuing other things near the trade deadline. As well as keeping all our options open next year depending on how well this works out. It works from a players stand point, a character’s stand point, and a contract stand point.

How much contact have you had with him since 2003?

He came up in a box when we were in Boston to say hi but all I wanted to know was if he was going soft on me. That was the extent of our contact and he assured me he wasn’t. He was one of Darryl Sutter’s favorite players and you know what he likes so this kid comes to play hard.

Can you give us the details on his future?

No, let’s just say it depends on how he plays and we’ll leave it at that.

When will the actual physical take place?

Monday. He’ll fly here all day tomorrow and he’s set up with the doctors starting at 10 o’clock on Monday.

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