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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
THE ROYAL MAILBAG: What image is on Sean Burke's facemask?

Sunday, March 25
This week's mailbag was full of questions on Bob Miller to who is now the team's captain. Find out those answers and more in this week's Royal Mailbag.

My question is for longtime Kings Broadcaster Bob Miller, what are your three most memorable moments in broadcasting Kings Games since 1973? As a Kings Fan since 1974, I've certainly had the privilege and benefit of listening to you call all the action.

I certainly enjoyed reading your "Tales From the L.A. Kings" book recently! Perhaps you have enough additional material for a sequel!
David G., Valencia, CA

According to Bob Miller:
Thanks for your e-mail.
My three greatest moments would be:
1. Miracle on Manchester
2. Game 7: Kings beat Toronto for Western Conference Title and first ever trip to Stanley Cup Finals
3. Calling Wayne Gretzky's goal the night he passed Gordie Howe in all-time points, and if I can lump these together, the night he passed Howe in all-time goals with No. 802.
Thanks for the comment on the book."

My question is for Sean Burke. Who are the two guitar players you have on either side of your helmet? I can tell they're holding a guitar, but can't see it close enough to make out who they are.
Carol, Glendale, CA

That was an older facemask. His new facemask with the Kings has a Hollywood theme complete with images of Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, Hilary Swank and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

"My son and I love watching Clint Eastwood movies, and One FlewOver the Cookoo's Nest has always been one of my favorite movies, so Jack is on there. I really liked Million Dollar Baby, so I put Hilary on there and Catherine Zeta Jones is on there, because you need to put a good looking woman on there as well."

His last mask had Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. "I have had Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Ace Frehley, quite a few different guys over the years. My favorite helmet of all time was with Jimmy Page on it and a friend of mine got him to sign it. That was pretty nice to add to the collection. All of my facemasks are meaningful. Every year I change, and I get to look back over them at some good memories."

Michael Cammalleri recently scored his 30th goal and Alexander Frolov has already scored his 30th goal. When was the last time two Kings had scored 30+ goals in the same season?
Elizabeth M., Orange, CA

The last pair of Kings teammates to score 30 plus goals in one season is 2000-01, with Zigmund Palffy (38) and Luc Robitaille (37)each lighting the lamp at least30 times.

With Matti Norstrom traded to Dallas, who wears the C now for the Kings? And who are the Alternates?
Katheryne K., Hawthorne, CA

Head coach Marc Crawford recently told the Los Angeles media that they will not be naming a new captain this season. Currently, the Kings list Aaron Miller, Rob Blake and Scott Thornton as their alternate captains.

Will Jack Johnson be playing with the Kings this year?
Mitch M., San Clemente, CA

It is a possibility. The LA Times reported today that contract negotiations are continuing between the Kings and Jack Johnson. Johnson, who is a sophomore at Michigan, had his team eliminated in the NCAA Division I hockey tournament on March 24, after an 8-5 loss to North Dakota. The Kings have six games remaining this season.

I was listening to Sunday's (March 18) game against the Ducks on the radio and for the first time since I can remember, Nick Nickson was not calling play by play. When was the last time Nick missed a game? Why did he miss the game? Who filled in for him?
Mitch M., San Clemente, CA

Nick Nickson missed the last four games due to a back injury. It was the first set of games that he has missed since the birth of his son in 1986. Filling in for him was Kings Communications Manager Mike Kalinowski. With the Kings game at Chicago on Saturday not being televised, television play by play caller Bob Miller subbed for Nickson.

Thank you for all of your questions. Don't forget, would like to answer questions from Los Angeles Kings fans. E-mail your query to for possible inclusion in a future mailbag column. During the offseason, the column will appear monthly. Letters can be addressed to any member of the organization and may be edited for brevity, length and/or content. Please include your name and location along with your question and email

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