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The LA Kings Win Song

What do the LA Kings players listen to in the locker room after a win? Now's your chance to find out!

by Josh Cooper @JoshuaCooper /

One of the more enjoyable moments in the locker room for a hockey team comes after a win, when the music gets turned up and a certain song comes on.

Usually teams change this special victory song yearly. Each year, a team picks their win song and plays it throughout the season. This year, the Kings have found themselves torn between two songs after their seven wins. According to some players, one has been "HUMBLE" by Kendrick Lamar and the other has been "Rolex" by Ayo & Teo. 

According to the team, Jeff Carter is the music guru and has taken charge on the 'win song' topic. The hope is that one of these songs (or perhaps an undiscovered one) will soon be the chosen song for post-victory jams.

"Carts is kind of our music guy. He just tells guys [that] whenever they have a good song they want on the playlist, just shoot him a note and he'll download it," defenseman Drew Doughty said. "We're trying to come up with a newer song that can last the whole year, rather than an old song that we've heard a million times and we're going to play again for every win. We still have to figure that out."

Generally, it's something that keeps the team buzzing after a win. This could be any genre as long as the tempo is enjoyable and the vibes are positive. "If you have an upbeat song I don't think you can go wrong, and if all the boys like it, that's cool," said defenseman Alec Martinez.  

Tanner Pearson added, "I think it's a good feel-good song, when you come in the room and everyone feels kind of good with that song going."

Sometimes a choice is obvious because it reminds players of a positive experience they shared.  

"I know in the past years, there's a certain song that if you turn it on in the locker room or if the boys are out at a team party together, it's the song everyone kind of got drawn to," Doughty said. "That's usually how it becomes the team song."

There weren't any specific memories of songs from years past by players, but some could somewhat recall the tunes played by recent Stanley Cup winning Kings teams in the locker room as standing out to a degree. "I think certain win songs come to mind like in the playoffs and years we won the Cup. I could sing it for you, but I'm not going to," Martinez joked.

In the past, former defenseman Matt Greene ran the locker room music and when he was in charge the playlist had a heavier sound. "Greener was into rock and stuff and these young kids, we don't listen to that anymore," Doughty joked.

With Carter taking over as locker room DJ there has been no shortage of types of music, which has kept players on their toes in regards to the win song. "We've had a mix of everything. We've had reggae tunes, we've had rock, we've had rap, we've had techno," Martinez said. "I think a lot of different things can work.

 "[Songs] just have to be upbeat," Martinez said. "When you win, it's fun to win,"

As for locking down a song this season, it may take a few more victories for the team to get an idea of what they like best. But hey, at least they've had several chances to sample.

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