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The Amazing Race - Ally

by Jeff Moeller / Los Angeles Kings

In late August, CBS announced the 11 teams that will embark on a sprint around the globe for $1 million dollars on the new season of THE AMAZING RACE, which premiers this Sunday (8:00-9:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network and is hosted by Emmy Award winner Phil Keoghan (@philkeoghan).

This season, which marks the 23nd race around the world for the series, will bring back the Double Express Pass twist that was introduced last season, in which the first Team to check in at the first pit stop will earn two “Express Passes” — one to keep for themselves and one that must be given to another Team by the end of the fifth leg of the Race.

As Teams travel through four continents and nine countries, spanning more than 35,000 miles, they will paraglide high above the skies of Iquique, Chile, subject themselves to a bone-chilling plunge in Norway and buckle up for Formula One Racing in Abu Dhabi.

This season’s diverse cast includes former NFL teammates, married ER doctors, theater performers, childhood friends, baseball wives, cousins … and two members of the LA Kings Ice Crew!

Allison “Ally” Mello is one of those two participants, and she recently answered the following questions from

Q: With the episode debuting tonight tell us how excited are you to sit there and watch that hour of action.

A: Ashley and I are so excited to watch the debut tonight. It’s going to be unreal seeing us out there with our Kings logo on just representing our favorite hockey team, we had some crazy adventures. Ashley and I are closer than ever so watching it together will be so much fun.

Q: Obviously the show in its entirety hasn’t aired yet so you’re limited in what you can say but

did you win?

A: I think we will shock a lot of people. I think going into the race we were definitely underdogs. Two small blonde girls, not a lot of traveling experience, and we were the youngest on the cast this year so we were definitely the underdogs.

Q: Can you tell our fans how this whole opportunity came about?

A: The producer of the show, Jerry Bruckheimer, is a huge Kings and hockey fan. He comes out to a lot of our games and he was like, ‘Those girls down there shoveling the ice…we want those girls on the cast.’ So they actually had quite a few different ice girls come in from different teams, one of them might have been our rivalry team. We auditioned for the part and we beat them out, so it’s pretty exciting. We had to go through a lot of interviews, a lot of improv, a lot of talking about how we know each other. They asked about our experience on the ice crew, our job in general, and how it’s going to be interesting to people watching and I guess they liked what they saw.

Q: What did you know about the show going into the beginning of production?

A: I had watched the show quite a bit, with my parents, growing up. I was definitely familiar with it and really excited when the opportunity was given. I knew about the show and knew it was time to train because it is very strenuous. It takes a lot of muscle to get through some of those tasks and some of the teams are male/male and some are male/female. Knowing that it was Ashley and I, I knew we would have to be physically fit and ready for it. I knew we had to be on our game mentally, have a little chat before and have a positive mindset going into it. When I figured out we were going to be on the show we worked out hard and figured out what our plan was going to be as a team.

Q: Prior to the show you had known Ashley as a friend, co-worker, teammate and classmate. Is there anything you learned about Ashley during this experience you didn’t know?

A: Well, Ashley and I have known each other for a while, we both went to Cal State Long Beach, we had known each other through mutual friends, and we work on the Ice Crew together. I’ve always known Ashley to be pretty sassy. She has a lot of spunk to her, she is fun and outgoing. I learned that she is very competitive but she is more reserved than I thought.

Q: Having watched the show prior to being a contestant was there anything that would surprise the viewer about the show that they really don’t get to see watching at home?

A: People would be surprised that the different teams on the show actually become really close. We made some really good and I don’t think people would expect that.

Q: Did you get all of those frequent flier miles?

A: I wish we got all those frequent flier miles. It was a dream come true and we were just trying to soak it up.

Q: What’s it going to take to get host Phil Keoghan to go to a Kings game?

A: I don’t think it will be too hard to get Phil out to a game. He is a big Kings fan and loves hockey in general. It sounds like he wants to bring his kids out and see what we do. He is a fan to say the least.

THE AMAZING RACE has won the Emmy Award for “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program” nine times in the past 10 years. Currently, the series is nominated for its 10th Emmy in this category.

Special thanks to Sean Mathys

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