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SUPPORT: Join The Kings To Help Torrance, CA Marsatta Chocolates

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings

Please support a member of our local hockey community in need – Marsatta Chocolates of Torrance was shut down because of kids playing youth hockey – if you love hockey and chocolate, please CLICK HERE to see how you can help.  The Kings are going to donate $15K to help the family with their business and thank you for your support.

Their Story: 

Located on the borders of Redondo Beach and Torrance, California Marsatta Chocolate ethically sources the finest heirloom cocoa beans from Central and South America to handcraft chocolate bars. Once the cocoa beans arrive at Marsatta, all of the chocolate making happens on site in the factory.  Marsatta roasts, cracks, winnows, stone grinds, tempers, molds and wrap each chocolate bar. By sourcing high-quality cacao and meticulously crafting tiny batches of chocolate, they can bring out the individual personalities of each bean. Marsatta Chocolate, a personality all of its own! The strawberries dipped in chocolate are also a favorite for summer-time weddings and parties. The dark and milk chocolate bars are flavored with high quality ingredients, including caramel, roasted macadamia nuts, and of course it’s exquisite chocolate Marsatta is known for. Each individual chocolate piece created every day is lovingly handmade for that one instant when the flavor, texture and aroma explode in a moment of pure pleasure! At the cafe, patrons will enjoy hot chocolate, coffee, cocoa husk tea, pastries, petite fours and -- of course -- the signature chocolate bars. Guests can learn more about the chocolate making process by visiting the in-house “chocolate educational” area and by watching the factory kitchen at work.

What Happened:

Marsatta's Oompa Loompas are all hockey nuts and the youngest is no exception. Many of our customers  who visited our factory location in Redondo Beach could not miss the hockey sticks, nets and the odd game that was played after hours in the parking lot even with our customers! It was a great area for a small factory but certainly not the most ideal for a retail setting. It  was clearly evident one Saturday afternoon that the 93 years young landlord was not thinking straight and wasn't too fond of hockey. After witnessing another hockey game we were assessed a game misconduct and presented with a 30-day notice (yes, to vacate the premises!) We were shocked and yes, this is a true story! Shortly after this major set back Marsatta Chocolate was handed another curve ball. Naomi (Gardner's then pregnant wife) was rushed to the hospital due to emergency complications. She delivered their son very early and he has been in the hospital since his birth 2 months ago. With some challenging conditions, (IVH and apnea) they have dealt with their adversity head on with a positive spirit, perseverance and 'never say die' attitude. Marsatta Chocolate continues to make chocolate out of another location  but can't wait to open up our own retail store with your help! 

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