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Rules of Engagement: Stanley Cup Playoffs Style

by Thomas LaRocca / Los Angeles Kings
The cast of "Rules of Engagement" (l to r) Bianca Kajlich, Oliver Hudson, David Spade, Patrick Warburton, Megyn Price and Adhir Kaylan.
Raise your hand if this has happened to you before.

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You’re unable to watch the big game due to some type of previous obligation with your mom/girlfriend/bother/sister/insert-name-of-reason here, so you set the game to record at home all the while hoping - nay praying - not to have anyone you encounter that evening give you any type of score update so you can watch the game when you return home with ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE GAME.

Inevitably, in this day of ESPN alerts, twitter, facebook and well just normal day-to-day communication with other members of the human species, the final result is usually revealed thus ruining the undisturbed recording at home.

This difficult tight-rope walk of a situation is one of the plotlines explored in Monday's episode of the CBS comedy "Rules of Engagement."

Jeff, played by the man with that uniquely deep voice, Patrick Warburton - you know him as Puddy in "Seinfeld" as well as Joe Swanson from "Family Guy" amongst many other notable appearances, is forced to attend a function on the request of his wife, Audrey, played by Megyn Price, rather than attend a Rangers-Bruins playoff game at Madison Square Garden.

In his place, he gives the tickets to his friend Adam, played by Oliver Hudson, who takes his fiance in the series Jennifer, played by the beautiful Bianca Kajlich, as a present for her birthday.

Not a bad present.

Also in attendance at the game are Jeff and Adam's friend Russell, played by the hilarious David Spade, and his assistant Timmy, played by the unpredictable Adhir Kalyan.

"Look, there are many facets to [Timmy], and I think on "Rules of Engagement," what we've seen thus far is him in the workplace," Kaylan said of his character. "What we're seeing today is him in a sporting venue. And in that sporting venue, he reveals his true passions, his deep passions, his real passions, the Boston Bruins."

Unfortunately for Timmy, the game is at Madison Square Garden, home of the Rangers, and thus his passions might get him in to trouble, but he "enjoys the good ribbing I get when cheering the visiting squad."

He quickly learns a lesson when a Rangers fan yells "Why don't you go back to Boston, idiot."

The Boston-New York rivalry is everywhere - no surprise there.

But wearing the visiting team’s jersey to the hockey game is not the only ‘party foul’ that occurs at the hockey game in this episode.

Adam takes his girlfriend to the game, but not being much of a hockey fan he is easily distracted to the point of playing a handheld video game and even entering a hotdog eating contest that eventually leads to him vomiting. He's obviously not following the game very closely, if at all.

"Apparently, Jennifer's dad and her used to go to Rangers games," Kajlich said of her character. "It was a big thing when she was younger and she’s more of a man than Adam is anyway so it would make sense that she is a hockey fan and he has no clue. In real life I actually just go for the food.

“I love anything that’s really carbolicious and salty.”

Bianca later added that she also enjoys going to hockey games because “I like anywhere that you can go and pretend you’re in a different climate, bring out my snow hat and watch hot guys be men…and fighting.”

In real life, however, Hudson, who grew up playing hockey, would go for the game, he just hasn't in a while.

"I played for about eight years, started in Colorado, moved to L.A., I played in and around Los Angeles and got recruited by a few schools," Hudson said as he decided that hockey was not what he wanted to do with his life.

"I've done alright. I chose this over hockey."

Hudson was quite the fan when he was growing up in Los Angeles in the heyday of Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky.

“I don’t watch much hockey anymore,” Hudson said. “But when Gretzky came [to Los Angeles], I was at every game, sitting on the glass. I was there when he broke (Gordie) Howe’s record. I mean I was in it, heavily in it. I would paint my face. I mean I was 12-13 years old. I’d paint my face, people thought I was crazy.

“I was a huge Kings fan. Unfortunately Gretzky [was traded] and that was the end of it.”

Kings fans Shane Huegli, James Foley and Stephen Hcudzik were extras in this episode playing members of the Boston Bruins and NY Rangers.
Ironically, three Kings fans appear as extras in this episode, entitled "The Score," playing members of the Boston Bruins and NY Rangers. Kings season ticket member Shane Huegli and friend James Foley suited up in a Rangers uniform, while Stephen Hcudzik sported the Bruins jersey and skated around the studio during shooting in November.

All three are local hokey players from the LA area and had to “pretty much just beat each other up along the boards a little bit, skate back and forth and try not to hurt ourselves,” while the scene was shot along the glass.

Although David Spade never played hockey, he still has an appreciation for the sport

"On "Just Shoot Me" we did one [show] about hockey too and I got to skate around," he said. "The ice is hard when you fall. So I’ve been on the ice, I’m just not good at it. I’m very fragile. I come off on TV as kind of a hard ass," he added sarcastically.

Spade plays the single guy out on the prowl, while the other four main characters are in different phases of the male/female relationship with the long time married pair Jeff and Audrey and the newly engaged couple Adam and Jennifer on the series in its fourth season.

Throughout the episode, Russell and his assistant Timmy, who became a regular on the show this season, continue to get heckled by the pro-Rangers crowd, before Timmy finally loses it and gives the Rangers crowd something to see…You’ll have to tune in to find our what, but let’s just say that under garments are involved.

A mooning, a hotdog eating contest, vomit and hockey…sounds like a great evening.

Check out this week’s "Rules of Engagement" airing this Monday at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

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