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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Manchester Monarchs head coach Mark Morris has been working with Kings Rookies in Los Angeles during the Kings Rookie Camp. takes a look at the Kings Rookie Camp.

Check out this interview with Monarchs' head coach Mark Morris following the first day of Kings Rookie Camp.

What were your general impressions of today's on-ice sessions?

"I was really impressed with the effort. It is great to see some of the returning players to watch how far they have come. I was impressed with the energy level and the compete level of the guys. There seemed to be some nervous energy but by the end of the practice and the scrimmage, I think the guys competed hard. That is encouraging for us. There is lots of opportunity right now in the organization. I like our future."

Is it unusual to have a scrimmage that first day?

"I don't think so. Different coaches have different ideas about how things should unfold but I think the kids really appreciate the opportunity to compete, especially early on. The taste of competition gets you beyond your summer training mode and it really prepares you better for the scrimmages coming up in Phoenix."

When you do go to Phoenix, what do you look for specifically as opposed to what you are looking for now in these inter squad match-ups?

"I think you get a better appreciation for which guys are learning to play in their own zone and how quickly some of the individuals pick up the intracacies of the game at the pro level. I think that as you get into game competition the true character of the player comes out. You can watch practices all you want but until it is a game, you don't see exactly what is under the hood."

As the head coach of Manchester, how do you look at these players differently than Terry Murray for example?

"We realize how much the people in Manchester like to see us have success. Obviously we look to create a winning atmosphere as well as the development aspect of our jobs. But we are looking to see which guys we can throw right into the fire. It doesn’t look like we will have a lot of veterans around so we are looking to see who we will have to work with. Then it is about getting them ready for the National Hockey League."

What were your impressions of Murray today on the ice?

"Terry has great knowledge of the game. His attention to detail and his demeanor is something anyone can learn from. He is a veteran coach who brings lots of experience. His delivery was very precise and I think the coaching staff thought that everything was positive today. It was a feel-out stage for him and for the coaching staff as well as the players. But he has a great presence on the ice, and the kids were all wide-eyed and all ears."

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