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Reddit AMA with Alex Faust

Get to know the LA Kings new play-by-play announcer

by LA Kings @LAKings /

As an introduction to the hockey world, the LA Kings new play-by-play announcer Alex Faust took to Reddit to do his very first AMA.

NHL fans - Kings fans or not - all joined in to ask Faust the hard-hitting questions.

@thatbaderguy: Is a hotdog a sandwich?

@coolestnameavailable: Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

Clearly, Reddit users know how to ask the important questions.

But seriously, we learned a lot about the new guy.


Do you have a dog, and if so, what do you think their chances are at unseating Arlo Dowd in Bark Madness this year?

I don't… not a 'dog person' unfortunately. And I've already let the franchise down.

And just like that, our heart was broken.

Fortunately for Faust, he could only go up from there.


Hey Alex! Us over at @LAKings have some pretty important questions for you:

1. Favorite TV show of all time?
2. Favorite restaurant in your hometown?
3. What are you most excited about in terms of moving to LA?
4. T-Shirt or SSBD?
5. Favorite NBA, MLB, and NFL teams?
6. How do you advise we cope with you being younger than us?

Guys, obviously you need to work on getting upvoted, because this is pretty far down the list ;)

1. I loved 24. Total guilty pleasure. Nevermind the unrealistic plot twists and Jack Bauer screaming at everyone "WHERE'S THE BOMB?" It was awesome. Don't tell me otherwise.
2. Other than my local pizza joint, Ali Baba Turkish: 46th & 2nd in Manhattan. Epic flatbreads, great salads, terrific lamb. Go there.
3. The weather. It's raining AGAIN in Connecticut. Can I, like, move sooner?
4. T-shirt. Can't pull off the other look.
5. (Not really an NBA fan), Yankees, Jets
6. Just keep making pop culture jokes from before I was born. You'll feel better about yourself. Or worse. I don't know yet.

Gotta love a guy that can throw some shade at his own team's social media department. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Plus, he definitely gets points for knowing what a SSBD is.

But more importantly, Faust was asked several actually serious questions about his new position.


The Kings announcement said you would be doing some sort of data analysis too besides calling the games. Can you elaborate on what that will be?

I'll be working to incorporate some of the "advanced" stat items the Kings might use in evaluating team & player performance into telecasts. Basically, giving a taste of items beyond Shots on Goal: Zone Entries, Possession, Quality Shots, PDO, CORSI, etc. are all fair game, but what we put on TV has to be easily digestible too. It makes no sense to drown everyone in numbers, so we'll be very careful with what we pick and dive into. Hopefully that's a helpful guide!

Sounds pretty cool to us.

And for those that want to know how Faust got the job...


Thanks for taking time for us... What was the interview process like? Did the LA Kings approach you or did you approach them? With the history of great LA play-by-play guys (Bob Miller, Vin Scully, Chick Hearn) does that add any additional pressure, or do you just ignore that stuff? With your age you could become one of those iconic LA voices.

Thanks for the question! When I was out in LA for completely unrelated business (freelance studio assignment at Tennis Channel), I set up a meeting with Fox Sports just to touch base. Obviously I knew at the time the Kings had an opening, but didn't know how far along in the process they were. I didn't ask them directly, they actually told me that I should apply for the Kings job! This was four days before my first NHL game on NBCSN, which wound up being an epic game (and great demo material). After that, I waited for word, but at least knew I'd be considered. The Kings then told me in mid-May they wanted me in for an interview and audition... which went supremely well. Less than a week later, I was offered the job! The whole process was FAST.
Regarding pressure of the job, it would be enough pressure alone to get this job, in such a media-intense market like Los Angeles, but to be following up a legend like Bob Miller, and in the shadow of the holy trinity of Scully, Miller and Hearn... hoo boy. For now, I'm just going to walk in and call hockey like I've been doing for years, but I also expect to learn as I go. I'm not going to claim perfection, ESPECIALLY given how young I am.

Obviously, following Bob Miller is a lot of pressure, but we are beyond excited to listen to the new Voice of the Kings!

And of course, there were lots of questions about Bob and the rest of the broadcast team.


Hey Alex, I hope all is well. I've been a kings fan for many years and I have to admit, not hearing Bob call the games last year was a little weird. That being said, I'm glad to have another permanent voice of the team. Have you met with Jim, Daryl, Nick, Patrick and the rest of the Kings broadcast team? If so, what did you discuss?

I'll be in LA next week and expect to meet with everyone above, though perhaps Patrick may be on assignment with the Angels. Bob gave me a really nice phone call over Memorial Day weekend, we talked about his transition from Wisconsin to LA and how similar things must feel for me all these years later. Remember, he was a relative unknown in LA when he got the job 44 years ago!

He's not even in LA yet and Faust is already getting advice from the legend himself.

This was a great way to kick of Faust's career in LA and to get to know him a bit better!

We are looking forward to hearing him call his very LA Kings game this coming season.

Check out the whole AMA to see what other questions Faust answered.

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