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Quick: Elite Snipers 101 - PT II

by Alex Kinkopf / Los Angeles Kings

On Tuesday, goaltender Jonathan Quick provided Part II of his ‘Elite Snipers 101’ piece on The Players’ Tribune, where he documents facing some of the top scorers in the NHL in a first-hand account.

Quick provided Part I of his feature last Wednesday, you can read it HERE.

“I’m back. I didn’t have enough time to get to every player I wanted to get to in the first post. You might think I’m relaxing on vacation but my kiddo’s summer hockey schedule is no joke. So this weekend I fired up the old YouTube player again and did some homework on another five snipers. Thanks for all your suggestions on Twitter. This still isn’t a complete list of the guys who give goalies nightmares, so maybe I’ll have to do Part 3 in the future.”

This time around, Quick took the time to delve into one of the Kings’ very own – his teammate Anze Kopitar:

“Kopi is, in my opinion, the best two-way center in the league. The first thing you notice with Kopitar is how incredibly smooth he is in all facets of the game. I’ve never seen a big guy be that effortless on skates. He makes it look easy, which is maybe why he’s underrated in a sense. You hear a lot about hustle and battle and speed when people talk about hockey, but NHL players will tell you, if they’re being honest, that you have to be smart about the moments when you go all-out. The guy you see out there chopping his skates 100 mph might look great for 30 seconds, but if he’s on the bench sucking air for the next five shifts, it does your team no good. In a 60 minute game, you have to conserve your energy by being sound positionally and then pick your spots to turn on the jets or else you’re going to be wasted by the third period. Anze is brilliant at this. His hockey I.Q. is off the charts.”

Quick goes on to explain facing the likes of Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos, New York’s John Tavares, Montreal’s Max Pacioretty, and Dallas’s Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. Quick provides a short synopsis on each player, along with a GIF to provide an example of the skills/tools that these players behold.

You can read Quick’s full feature, ‘Elite Snipers 101 – Part 2’, HERE.

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