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Q & A with Matt Greene

by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Matt Greene is looking forward to Hockey Fest '10. Last year you experienced Hockey Fest for the first time. How was the experience for you?

Greene: It was great. It was awesome. It was a fun experience. It is always good to mingle with the fans, and in this case it is a different experience. During the season you are stressed with the winning and the losing, so to do this before the season is good for us. It’s the summer time and you get to answer some questions people have. The fans get excited about it and we as players get excited about it too. It will be great to see so many people turn out for this to help kick-off the season. The guys on the team are excited to get the season started and this event helps everyone think hockey. This year’s Hockey Fest will feature a club that is coming of their first playoff run since 2002. How does that change this year’s event?

Greene: This event is a great way to help spring board into this season. Last year I think we got a lot of people around here excited about us. We want to keep that excitement going. As far as the attendance it all comes down to how we play on the ice. You can’t have a million gimmicks to try and get people to watch you play. A good product has to be delivered and that is what we plan on doing. Last summer you spent some time taping special newscaster-style, fun Hockey Fest videos. Do those clips help show people your personality off the ice?

Greene: I think so. I am always up for that. In the summer time I am all about having fun. I probably enjoy some of the lighter types of things more than the average guy. I like having a good time and when those situations arise, I am down for that. Hockey Fest this year will also feature the two new Kings, Willie Mitchell and Alexei Ponikarovsky. What can you tell Kings fans about the club’s newest acquisitions?

Greene: From what I know, both guys are great guys. They obviously both accomplished a lot on the ice over their careers, and that speaks for itself. They have been in this league for a long time and I think they are excited about playing here. You want guys, especially guys in high demand, like that on your team, you want those guys to want to come here. I think they saw from afar what we have going on here. They will help us win and help us be a team that is special.
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