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by Staff Writer / Los Angeles Kings
Periodically throughout the summer, will catch up with some of the Kings' players and find out what they have been up to with a quick, Q&A with the LAK. On Friday, the Kings Communications staff caught up with defenseman Kevin Dallman, who appeared in a career-high 53 games with Los Angeles last season.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about what you have been doing this summer?

A: Well for starters I had eight weddings to attend this summer so that was fun to get to see everyone and join in their happiness. I've been spending a lot of time with family and friends and training hard off the ice at the track and the gym.

Q: Are you skating now in preparation for training camp?

A: I started skating around the end of July with a couple of other pro players once or twice a week and then the last two weeks I have been skating in a conditioning camp here in the Falls (Niagara Falls, ON, Canada) and I leave the 18th of August for another conditioning camp in Chicago with "Downtown Dustin Brown" that our agent runs.

Q: When will you arrive to L.A., what will you do once you get to town?

A: After that conditioning camp, I'll fly back to the 'Falls and grab my family and we are gonna head to L.A. around the 2nd or 3rd and the first thing that we will probably do is head to the beach and soak up a little California sun and relax before camp.

Q: Can you talk about your season here last year?

A: I had a good start to the season and then went for a bit of a dump and couldn't get my confidence back until I finally got my only goal last year and then played a little bit better to end the season. We have a good young team and we will be a strong team this year.

Q: You have also played for St. Louis and Boston. How does playing in the Kings organization compare to those other experiences?

A: All three are great sport cities, but even though we didn't have the year we wanted to, the fan support was great here in L.A. and as players we appreciate it and thank you for it. The organization is great there are a lot of alumni are always around and everyone is always friendly,and of course theres the weather...You can't beat wearing shorts to practice everyday. It is a lot of fun.

See You soon everybody!

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